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Spanish Chorizo

Where to find? Preferably a brand without fillers, sugar, corn syrup, etc.
Palacios is the most ubiquitous of these.
Thank you

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  1. Is there a particular part of California you're hoping to find this in?

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      Ah, thank you for pointing out my idiocy.
      San Diego area.
      I would say think of this board as SD but that is a poor excuse at this point.

    2. I have ordered it from here:


      Excellent, I would highly recommend.

      You might try that market next to costa brava too.

      But I think most restaurants get it from the link I gave you.

      1. About a year ago I found some at a Cost Plus World Market. It's a domestically made version, so not the real thing, but tastes pretty close. The Pata Negra has Jamon Iberico, so that's a good reason to visit.

        1. I go to La Espanola quite a bit. The both make their own sausages and ham but also import. Not sure but believe they are without fillers. Quite good and a huge selection.


          You can order and have delivered to SD.

          1. I live in Northern California (Sacramento), but buy my chorizo from Corralitos market in Watsonville. You can order lots of different types of sausage from them, but, alas, they do not have a web address.

            You can call, though. Check them out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Corrali...

            1. Also in Sacramento, Taylor's Market in Land Park has it.

              1. I have purchased Spanish Chorizo at Whole Foods. It is where they have the cold cuts.
                There is a Spanish MArket in PB across from Vons, they might have it too.

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                  I purchased some Spanish Chorizo Iberico and Salchichon Iberico from La Tienda and had it sent to friends in Canada, as it not currently available in the US. I had my friends send it to us by snail mail and it made it just fine.

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                    Why don't you have La Tienda which is in Virginia ship it direct? It's been legal for chorizo since 2006, after the USDA certified the processing plant in Spain. And the first Jamon Iberico showed up around Dember of 2007.

                    Pata Negra the store next to Costa Brava on Garnet also sells it. In fact, the name Pata Negra means "black leg or hoof" which is another name for pork products from the famous acorn eating Iberian pig.

                2. Have you tried The Sausage King on Washington? It's actually a German butcher shop & sausage maker but they make a very wide range of sausages and they use only the best ingredients without the junk fillers the mass market sausages are filled with.

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                    " Palacios Chorizo does not contain any preservatives or artificial colors; just pork sausage cured with paprika and garlic. They use a traditional process, using a secret 30-year-old family recipe. Its meat and natural ingredients are carefully selected, creating a smoky, earthy, sweet and tangy sausage." This is part of the description from iGourmet.com. Also, the reviews, 50+ of them, are very favorable.