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Aug 25, 2009 02:22 PM

ISO Buckwheat flour

I couldn't find it anywhere in SLM. I am sure Bob's Red Mill makes it. But none of the places I visit seem to carry It . Anyone seen this stuff anywhere? Thanks in Advance.

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  1. I have bought it several times from Noah's on Yonge near Eglinton. I have also bought it from the Loblaws in Forest Hill....I believe it was Bob's.

    1. The flour store is on the lower level in SLM, next to the tea-coffee shop.

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      1. re: carissima

        I think i'm blind because I was looking in this place, and I was sure they would have it before I went. I probably missed it.

        1. re: mlukan

          I think the place in SLM you're looking for is called Rubes. They definitely have it. When you walk into the store the buckwheat flour is on your left.

      2. i've seen it in the organic/health stores in kensington. picked up the bob's red mill as well from fiesta farms.

        if it is very much a starring ingredient then i would consider purchasing some from soba canada. their flour is excellent and ground to order. you can get options of hulled or unhulled and a percentage based blends of the two.