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Aug 25, 2009 02:00 PM

Best restaurant w/i 15 minute drive of Waltham for anniversary dinner

My husband and I have a hot date planned for Thursday night. We are paying for a bbsitter, so want to avoid a long drive (or might just take a cab). What would be your top suggestion w/i a 15 minute drive of Waltham...with the following caveats:
1. We live 2 blocks from Campania and have been there a few times...want to try something new.
2. We're considering Lumiere, but are also open to other suggestions.
3. We haven't been to Il Capricio, but are wondering if it's better than Lumiere...or than your other suggestions.
4. Don't really feel like dealing w/ Harvard Square, either.


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  1. How about Il Casale in Belmont or Summer/Winter in Burlington? IMO Il Capriccio is overrated. Or maybe 51 Lincoln in Newton.

    1. We went to Il Capriccio last year for my birthday and I thought it was great (both food and service).

      We had dinner at Il Casale a few weeks ago on a weekday at 8:45pm, it was so loud that it was impossible for us (2 people) to have a conversation. Food was great there too, better than Il Capriccio, but I am not sure if it's an "anniversary dinner" type of place.

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          I agree with y2000k that Il Casale is impossibly loud. It was so loud last Friday night at 6:00 PM that I doubt that I will return too often, even though the food was good.

          I suggest Lumiere. It is a consistantly, excellent restaurant with white tableclothes and attentive wait staff. If you are looking for a 3 course dinner of excellent value, they have a $35 weeknight special menu every week, but you can also order off the regular menu or order the tasting menu.

        2. L'Andana in Burlington (my current favorite in the area), which is about a 20 min drive from the center of Waltham. Blue Ginger in Wellesley. Il Capriccio in Waltham.

          Il Capriccio is famous for its wine list, however, co-owner Jeannie Rogers has apparently sold out to focus on her wine importing business, so we'll have to see what the future holds...

          1. here's the link to my post about maxwell's 148.last year. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend it to you. quiet and elegant, w/ exc food and service.


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