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Aug 25, 2009 01:52 PM

Portland - Lite dinner

Looking for lite dinner ideas....... no pizza no fancy .....
After lunch of lobster and steamers looking for lighter fare.

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  1. How about a simple ap, a plate of home-made pasta with to-die-for sauce of one sort or another, and a glass of wine at Paciarino on Fore St.?

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    1. re: mainemal

      Thank you for your suggestion. Will check out.

    2. Two more suggestions: Green Elephant and Pepperclub

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      1. re: StevensAve

        Both menus are good. We have good choices. Thank you.

      2. How about the tapas menu at 188?
        Small plates and appitizers at the Corner Room might do it too!

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        1. re: joss2

          I really enjoyed the Maine Crab Salad at Dry Dock. Fresh Maine Crab, served over a large mixed green salad.

          1. re: Stellar D

            Thank you all for your help. It was all good info.

        2. Many might have to extend your stay.