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Aug 25, 2009 01:35 PM

What's seattle's best steakhouse?

Looking for a classic steakhouse to get good dry aged steaks and martini's. What's the best? I'm afraid Daniel's is overrated and overpriced (though i know a good steak is expensive) and Ruth Chris is a chain I have doubts about.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I like the JaK's restaurants-- the steaks are great and the price is significantly lower than the fancy expense-account places. If money is no object, El Gaucho is pretty dang fabulous.

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      Have to concure 100% with chococat, Jak's best bang for the buck and El Gaucho for those special occasions!

    2. The Metropolitan Grill is probably the local steakhouse of most renown, and their extra aged stuff is great, but there are those who will tell you it's overpriced and built more on reputation that on quality, and I couldn't disagree.

      But if given a choice, my personal favorite is Morton's. For the vibe as well as the food.

      There's been a discussion on steaks before on the board, where the merits of steak at seafood places like Waterfront Grill and Steelhead (i think) were discussed.
      Might want to take a look.

      1. Jak's Grill is excellent for the money. Very nice rib eye - complete meal around $38.

        For a splurge, I do like Ruth's Chris, the Met and Waterfront Seafood Grill's ribchop. YUM.

        I don't like El Gaucho (steak isn't great, service is hit or miss - I think they forgot about us for about 20 minutes, they don't do creamed spinach and it's expensive) or Morton's (only been once, but I didn't like the steaks).

        1. I rarely go to steak houses but I can tell you that the most memorable giant piece of meat I have eaten was the blackened prime rib and Metropolitan Grill. It's probably the place to go in Seattle for good steak. Service was also excellent. It's a Seattle institution. I also happen to like mesquite.

          1. It's been a few years, and it's not cheap, but the American Wagyu Tenderloin (Kobe style) at Canlis is hands-down the best steak I've ever eaten. Caveat - the marbling is incredible, so if you're counting cholesterol or into lean steaks this may not be your best choice.