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Aug 25, 2009 01:28 PM

One of the Best Tips that I have gotten from Chowhound

One of the negatives of eating greasy food other than gaining weight is when the grease falls on one's shirt it leaves an almost indelible spot. After one launders the garment the grease spot still remains as a shadow of itself. I have tried many laundry spotters or grease removers all of which have fallen short. The thing that works is a pan cleaning product. It is called Dawn Power Dissolver. It is found in the kitchen cleaner section of the grocery store. It is in a Blue plastic bottle with a finger pump sprayer. I have used it on both cottom and man made fibers and is color safe. It is often hard to find. So yes, this message is self serving in that I hope there will be more demand for the product. BUT IT DOES WORK!

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  1. Regular Dawn dish liquid also works pretty well... it got hamburger grease out of both a tencel blouse and denim jeans. This works best if you treat and rise the spot befor laundering.

    1. actually, dishwasher detergent also does this, but be careful, as some stuff seems to contain bleach.

      Dawn is reportedly good for lots of things. I used it to wash my hair a few weeks back when I somewhat accidentally colored my hair purple, and had read it would take some of it out. It worked a wee bit, not enough.

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        Since this is the Not About Food board, I will ask what I'm sure everyone is thinking - how exactly do you "somewhat accidentally" color your hair purple?!?!

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          lets just say I had more blond highlights in my hair than I was aware of, and instead of an inky sorta black color, I looked like someone had dumped a bottle of red wine over my head. It was somewhat accidental, because the box was called "deep purple", so I knew what I was getting my defense, on the box it looked black....problem is, my hair is/was light brown.

          Tis not the first hair mistake i've made in my life. It's fixed now.

          1. re: im_nomad

            I made the same mistake on my daughter, the day before the prom, in May. Dawn helped a bit, then we re-dyed ( I know - a no-no - she cried and said it burned really bad). I don't dye my hair, so we just didn't know that the innocent color on the box could be so bad.

      2. I love that stuff and I never use it for its intended purpose! If you let it sit on the fabric for a week or so, it'll even get out really old, set-in, previously washed grease stains. I've used it on carpet too, for artificial food color, which can be impossible to get out.

        1. I've just discovered plain Dawn. Its a great product. Just a little degreases pans. I'll check into the Power Dissolver. But, for years, after taking painting classes, I have used Spray n Wash on greasy or oily stains. Even on an old stains, it seems to work well if left on awhile before washing. Whenever we got oil paint on our clothes, the instructor would tell us to use Spray n Wash. I use it frequently on oily food stains.

          1. If your garment is delicate or you are worried about putting something so strong on it, a simple application of baby powder works. Sprinkle over the stain, rub lightly with your fingers and you will start to see the stain in the powder. You can repeat for heavy grease stains. For tougher fabrics I have been known to sprinkle a bit more powder on the garment and lightly brush with either my fingernail or an old toothbrush. The longer you can let the garment sit, the better. If you think about it, go sprinkle a little more powder on it occasionally. Wash as usual.

            This method has very rarely failed me, which is good since I have a husband who likes to cook in various shirts (invariably his new ones!) and make a mess :)