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Aug 25, 2009 01:14 PM

Five days in Tilghman Island area. Ideas for great dining along the eastern shore?

We are renting a house in Tilghman Island for five night over Labor Day. My husband and I have a few days on our own and a few days with family visiting. Looking for one or two fine dining experiences — and we're happy to drive a to Easton or St. Michael's for that.

Also a recommendation for a funky seafood shack or two. We're big fans of oysters and crabcakes, so would like to know which places are best for those.

We'll also cook in a few nights, so any great fish stores would be much appreciated.

Saw posts mentioning Bistro St. Michaels, Tilghman Island Inn and 208 Talbots which look very nice. Whaddya think?? Thanks!

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  1. I can highly recommend 208 Talbot for more upper end dining. For lower end, consider Thai Ki in Easton -- a Thai restaurant from the former chef of the Inn at Easton, which was incredible.

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      Try Out of the Fire, also in Easton. Good for lunch or nice dinner.

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        I second the rec for 208 Talbot. Very nice place. I also recommend the Tighlman Island Inn.

      2. Harrison's Chesapeake House for the Eastern Shore "Surf & Turf" (Fried Chicken & Crabcakes). The oyster buffet is hit or miss, but the oyster cocktail (more than a dozen fresh shucked in a cocktail glass) is the real deal for oyster lovers. Chances are you'll see T.I.'s "Boss Hog" Captain Buddy holding down a seat in the bar. Tell him Treetop Tom says hey.

        1. Tilghman Island Inn is nice, dine outside watching the boat traffic. Harrison's for crabs only. St. Michaels Crab & Steak & the Crab Claw for outdoor (harborside) picnic table crab/oyster dining. Big Al's Seafood & Deli for seafood purchasing.

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            Thanks everyone. Lots of great ideas. I really appreciate it!

          2. Love love love the Crab Claw in St Michael's. They have the best soft crab I've ever had. And the crab dip is amazing... comes in a bread bowl with cheese on top. Oh man... can I come with you?

            1. Just as you go over the Knapps Narrows Bridge onto Tilghman, there is a dock to your left and a large corrugated tin building right on the dock. You have to make a hard U-turn through that parking lot.
              You can buy fish right off the boats. Great prices. They'll clean it for you too.

              There's a plain looking restaurant named Chesapeake Landing on the left about halfway to Tilghman from St. Michaels. It's got a seafood market with really fresh local fish and crabmeat. It's owned by one of the local seafood brokers and his packing house is right behind the restaurant.
              The place is a local favorite. It's got good, plain seafood dinners with daily specials. That's why the parking lot is usually filled. Good value and a pleasant, but not fancy spot. I've always had great local food there.

              Lowe's Wharf is getting a little fancier these days, but it still keeps some of its old roadhouse-y character. Often has live music on weekends and dancing will break out.
              The food ain't much but the beer is cold.
              One of the best places along Rt. 33 to have a cold one and watch the sun set over the Bay.

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                I would second Chesapeake Landing. Haven't been there in a while but they have excellent basic chesapeake food. Their specials are great some days, and good crab cakes, soft shells, fried oysters.

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                  I thought Chesapeake Landing was MY secret spot! Rats . . . there are no secrets on ChowHound.

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                    No spot is anybody's "secret" when it's on the main - errr only - road and the parking lot is filled with both BMWs and battered pickups. Then there's the big lighted sign advertising the daily specials and the jobs available.
                    I'm surprised so few CHs mention it. It probably looks to downscale to risk.