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Aug 25, 2009 12:52 PM

No Reservations: Montana

I enjoyed the episode, Tony seemed to really enjoy the food and the people he spent time with.

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  1. As someone who grew up in that area of Montana, I absolutely loved this episode! It made me homesick for Montana. I loved what was said about people coming into Montana, buying "zillion" dollar places and then fencing them off...grass grows, cattle can't get to the grass, etc. The food looked wonderful and I loved seeing Tony starstruck by Jim Harrison.

    I also lived very near the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. I was home on vacation and my bro and I were going fly our favortie trout stream. This guy (from CA...built a huge gaudy mansion on the hill) stopped our car and said we couldn't go down to that stream any longer...apparently he owned that part of the dirt road. It was mid-summer. My bro asked him if he'd spent a winter there yet...the guy says no. Bro suggested he be friendlier to the locals...cause they'll be needed in the winter. The guy probably spent his winters in San Diego!

    Anyway...loved the episode so much!!

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    1. re: melly

      Yeah no kidding. We moved up to Wyoming from San Diego and our neighbors are an amazing asset. Unlike in the big city, people remember who you are and whether you are new in town. I have never had so many people walk up to us and welcome us to town. Being nice to our neighbors came in very handy after the first major blizzard and we couldn't leave our house because there was 5 ft of snow in front of the garage. Guess who came to dig us out-friends and neighbors.

      I loved that he talked about the local ranchers and supporting them. I am getting our beef from a local rancher and it is awesome. It is grass fed and you know how it is raised. Also I have tapped into a local source for eggs.

      The sky is really that big here.

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        septocaine queen...fantastic!! what part of wyo do you live in? I am guessing near the tetons...jackson?

        1. re: melly

          We moved to NE wyoming near Devil's Tower and the Black Hills. It has been a change coming from being a native Californian. Being a "foodie" has been a little difficult in the land of meat and potatoes. The growing season is short and the produce here can taste like it was the last stop on the truck, but the people are wonderful and we are very happy we've moved. We now just plan trips where all we do is eat and load the car up with goodies to take home.

    2. The episode was really Livingston/Paradise Valley, so there's lots of Montana for Bourdain to return to.

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      1. re: ClaireWalter

        Someone from Montana complained to me that the episode should have been called: Livingston, not Montana because he ONLY did Livingston.

          1. re: walker

            I wasn't happy about that either. I'm a Montana Native and was really hoping he'd hit some Montana standbys like the Parrot in Helena. The food isn't gourmet, but it's the best chocolate around!

        1. I wish he had gone to other places, but having moved from Bozeman 3 years ago after 15 years there, the natural beauty of the area had me practically in tears with homesickness.

          1. That was truely a beautiful episode
            It actually reminded me in tone a bit of his most recent vietnam episode. It was sombre and almost reverent!

            I htink it was the episode least about food though which I didn't like. I love travel shows and i love cooking shows and i love no reservations/bourdain but I like it best when bourdain is about food.

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            1. re: CoffeeAddict416

              I thought there was a LOT of food on this show! He ate constantly. Dinner with the family, ate at two restaurants, ate in a camp, and then at Jim Harrison's house. huh?

            2. Ohh Dear! I thought this episode was his worst. LOVED the scenery and the time he spent with the cattle ranchers but other than that I'd have to chalk this up with the show he did on Azores as well-terrible!
              Someone is losing his touch!!