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prime rib in d.c.

coming to d.c. in sept and will be alone, so will want to sit at the bar for dinner. Do the following serve at the bar??--capital grill-prime rib-occidential-sam & harry.. Also, why do I always hear such negative reviews for The Prime Rib?? Any other suggestions for a good prime rib dinner. Thanks

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  1. I know Capitol Grille serves at the bar- they have nice TVs too and will normally change the channel to what you want to watch (I included this info because I kind of like watching TV when I am eating alone).

    1. You hear bad reviews of the Prime Rib? I think its delicious! It's a rare find in a changing city....classy, old-school, and delicious! I don't usually order the prime rib cut in other restaurants but I always get it here. You should keep in mind that you have to wear a jacket if dining there.

      I've never dined at the bar, but I'm sure you can. Maybe call to confirm?

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        thanks elyssa-I think i,ll try it. I,m a prime rib fanatic. Best I ever had was at Lowrey,s prime rib in L.A..

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          If your opinion that the best prime rib you've ever eaten was at Lowrey's in L.A., then definitely go the the Prime Rib in D.C. I haven't been to that particular location. I've only dined at the Baltimore location.

          Lowrey's, where I chowed down on their prime rib about 10 years ago, isn't any way compared to the succulence of the Prime Rib restaurant. Also, order the potato skins. Go for a killer dining out experience and order a wedge of lettuce with blue cheese dressing. Check yourself into the emergency room afterwards.. But, it'll be worth it. FoiGras

      2. I have eaten many meals solo at capital grill in DC. Its a fairly friendly bar with all types of character coming and going at the bar. Truth be told the DC one is the only one i would return too of the 6 or 7 i have eat in. The food was a little better when Michael Landon ran the show IMHO, but its still very good.

        1. The Prime Rib is a classic and outstanding old school restaurant. The prime rib is a 4-5 inch thick cut on the bone and is cooked perfectly and served with horseradish sauce. You will not find a better example of prime rib elsewhere. The other food on the menu will also be perfect and they make arguably the best crab cake in the DC area. It is a kind of stuffy place but not in a bad way, in a 1970's power dining way. The drinks are large and stiff. You need to have a jacket on if you are male. IMHO you definitely should go to The Prime Rib if you want outstanding prime rib

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            +1, dining_with_doc. I completely agree. I think the fact that the Prime Rib is old school and not trendy is why some reviewers diss it or don't like it. The quality of the prime rib is excellent, and the service is usually pretty good too. Now that Tom Sarris' Orleans House is closed, it's the only place in the DC area I'd recommend specifically for prime rib.

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              Not to nit-pick Doc, but the prime rib at PR is served with grated horseradish, not horseradish "sauce."

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                yes that is true
                ok to nit pik......i have a strong spine.

            2. While I second the raves for The Capital Grille, it is important to note that of the places you mention, only The Prime Rib serves prime rib.

              You can also get prime rib at Morton's on Friday and Saturday nights.

              1. There really isn't a question of where you should go if you mention D.C. and prime rib. Go to the Prime Rib. It's worth packing a jacket for. You can definitely sit at the bar, you will get a wonderfully stiff cocktail and the prime rib is amazing. Thick, tasty and perfectly cooked.

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                  thanks everybody-How,s this sound?

                  sat nite-Martins tavern

                  sun nite-The Prime Rib

                  mon nite-Mortons and back to Florida tues A.M.

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                    You might want to rethink Mortons..... Mortons gets their steaks frozen from sysco(buckhead), there are much better options in DC.

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                      oops- what about the Palm ? any other suggestions for a steakhouse thats not a chain,but locals are aware of?

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                        A steakhouse locals are aware of that's not a chain- Ray's the Steaks in Arlington. My personal favorite.

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                          Definitely- head to Ray's the Steaks in Arlington (by the Courthouse metro stop).

                          Alternatively, if you want to compare and contrast prime ribs (assuming you go to Prime Rib), I know Bourbon Steak in Georgetown offers prime rib on Saturdays (not sure about the rest of the week, but it's def. their Sat. night special). My fiance had it and it was wonderful. Having said that, the rest of the meal, while very, very good, was not as good as Ray's. And at about half the price, Ray's is definitely the way to go, only no prime rib. Decisions, decisions.

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                            I always enjoy the Palm and the clubby atmosphere, plus you could wear shorts if you wanted. plus right now they have the lobster special for the summer (google the palm). Other choices for steak houses include the white hot Bourbon Steak (have not been but got a good review from my brother in law) as well as BLT steak. I have never liked Mortons but do actually love Ruths Chris steakhouse. are you sure you want red meat after you wolf down a piece of prime rib that will be as big as the plate it is served on. also at the prime rib get the Greenfield potato skins, they are famous for them. plus the oysters on the half shell will be extremely high quality as will be anything else they put on their menu.

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                        Better see your cardiologist as soon as you get home. ;)

                        But if you can tear yourself away from prime rib one night, definitely pay a visit to Ray's The Steaks. There are plenty of other cities where you can eat at a Morton's, but Ray's is a local wonder.

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                          you guys are trying to kill me. Ray's sounds good but I don't want t travel. Thinking lamb chops at Martins, prime rib at The Prime Rib and Veal chop at Palm. Spending days sightseeing city,since I haven't been to washington since "75".

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                            No. Go to Ray's. The travel isn't bad, they accept some reservations now.

                            Go To Ray's.

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                              And actually - if you don't believe us - go to Ray's Hell Burger for a burger around noon. After you get your burger, go ahead and walk up the hill to get in line for a steak for dinner. SRSLY.

                              1. re: Dennis S

                                Rays might be the best steak in DC(not really in DC) . The surrounds are not like Capital grill/palmesq but the food is great. The menu is beyond reasonable and the wine list is beyond cheat(great list). One thing i will suggest, if you go to the Palm, order the chicken parm(cant recall if they ll make it in DC or not), i kid you not. It very well might be the best chicken parm in NYC!
                                Its not on the menu, ask your waiter.

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                            I'm with others here re: Mortons. If you don't want to go to Ray's the Steaks in Virginia, go to either Bourbon Steak or BLT Steak.I even prefer Ruth's Chris to Morton's.

                            Also, while Martin's Tavern has a great atmosphere, I've never been wowed by its food. You could go to Bourbon Steak instead of Martin's Tavern (both are in Georgetown) for dinner. If you really want to go to Martin's Tavern, you could go for brunch or lunch.