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Aug 25, 2009 12:23 PM

No Place to eat Anniversary Dinner!...Help!

My husband and my anniversary is Sept. 8, and falls on a weekday this year. As a result of a struggling economy and its affects, we are not going on a vacation or buying elaborate gifts for each other this year. The hubby wants a dance in some lingerie and I want a night out to eat some amazing food. I will still be cooking him my own dinner on the night of our anniversary though. So this is where you all can help me out. I am having a hard time picking where to eat! I love lots of different types of food, but I also want to go to a place that HE (steak and potato kinda guy) will like also. If you have any ideas of restaurants in Lehigh, Northampton or Bucks counties please list them and if possible add a link so I can print off the menus. Of course a night in Center City is good too. I am looking for a place with an awesome menu with decent sized entrees. What he doesn't like is thai food and places that are really crowded/trendy/loud/fussy. We dress up well, but are not aristocrats, just hard working middle-classers with classy taste. And for those of you that cook as well as eat....I'm making lamb chops for my dinner to him with mushroom risotto and haricot verts. Dessert will be a classic ny style cheesecake with lemon zest and carmelized peaches. If you have any tips you want to share on preparing any of those items, I am happy for your suggestions. TIA

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  1. With those criteria, I'm thinking maybe Table 31 in the Comcast Center? They are sort of a hybrid steakhouse/Italian restaurant so they offer all of your basic meat and potato stuff (for your husband) and some fancified things for you. Not an everyday restaurant to be sure, but maybe worth it for a special occasion.

    Check it out...

    Now, what else can you tell us about that lingerie dance? ;))

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      I would not go to Table 31 for a special occasion, the service there is not good.

      1. re: Buckethead

        thank you. Table 31 sounds interesting, but maybe for a larger party. We frequent local restaurants and get treated really well, I'd hate for us to go somewhere new and have a server ruin our special date.

    2. How about Bibou? great new French - hanger steak for the husband, byo so cost can stay down

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        sound interesting. I'll check it out.

      2. My hubby and I just celebrated our anniv at Barclay Prime, and I feel as though from your post we have similar situations: a hubby w/ meat/potatoes taste, like to dress up, etc, and I felt as though BP was a perfect fit. The service was great, very helpful, and the food was amazing! Perfectly cooked steaks, sides and aps that make it better than the average steak house. It is a pricier restaurant, but to us, it was worth it (we were so full, we didn't eat until dinner the following day!)

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          ok. i'll def. look up the info then! I hate leaving a pricey restaurant prob rates on my top 5 most annoying things in the world list!!! LOL. Thanks for the info.

        2. Couple of nice restaurants in the area your looking, both in Emmaus, PA

          The Farmhouse
          Tap and Table

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            The farmhouse is really excellent. It was one restaurant that I have been tossing around. Never been to tap and table though. Thanks for the links!

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              Just wondering...both of the restaurants you listed are in Emmaus. Ironically, I grew up in Emmaus, graduated in '01 from EHS, and my family still lives right across the street from the park. Did Tap and Table take over the restaurant corner across from Armettas? I know that place is always changing hands...

              1. re: cookieluvntasha

                All I know is that it is new (less than a year) don't know what it was prior. I'm not from Emmaus, but I frequent establishments that specialize in craft beer. When Tap and Table opened, I heard about it on a craft beer website and went to check it out. Had both good food and craft beer, so they get a thumbs up from me

            2. The Palm's membership club always has a couple of good specials. Right now it's a steak+side+app for $40 and a 4 lb lobster dinner for two for about $90. You may not need to be a member to get the special, but here's the page:


              Enroll now, and start earning your 837 Club Points today! Simply complete and submit the application with a one time $25 enrollment fee to become a member. Upon application approval, a temporary 837 Club membership card will be displayed on your screen. Print that page, and keep your temporary 837 Club Membership Card with you each time you dine at The Palm. A permanent 837 Club Membership Card and a $25.00 Gift Certificate will arrive in the mail in aprroximately 3-4 weeks.

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                I would suggest places like: Davio's, great Italian steakhouse but qute expensive, sexy atmosphere; L'Angolo for hearty excellent Italian fare and BYOB; Figs for excellent Morrocon fare in a small, intimate setting. Any of those would be excellent choices in my opinion!