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Aug 25, 2009 12:19 PM

Kid Friendly - South Bend

Hi Everyone-
I am heading to South Bend for a football game this year and this is the first time I am going back with my my son. We are trying to find a spot to have dinner on Friday night where we can get a nice meal but that also is accommodating to kids (aka has a high chair). Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  1. Ug. South Bend really is chain restaurant hell. If you can think of a chain, it probably exists somewhere in the greater South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger area. Non-chain places that might be kid-friendly include:
    Rocco's Pizza on St. Louis Blvd, right off of South Bend Ave. Family owned, good pizza. Might be insanely busy on a game weekend Friday
    Uptown Kitchen is my new favorite place. It's in the Toscana Park shopping center, near the corner of SR 23 and Main Street in Granger. Good food, fresh ingredients in a bright airy atmosphere.
    The shopping center next to Toscana Park, Heritage Square, is getting a Gino's East Pizza that might be open by then. Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

    That's all I can think of right now. Like I said, chains galore....

    Rocco's Restaurant
    537 N Saint Louis Blvd, South Bend, IN 46617

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      Thanks. We were going to try Rocco's but I know its next to impossible to get into on a football weekend. I was thinking of trying the Emporium or Yesterdays but probably not kid friendly. Will check out Uptown Kitchen. Sounds right up our alley. THanks!

      1. re: ndgirl

        No problem. Uptown Kitchen is fabulous! We haven't had a bad meal yet. It's great for breakfast, but has some nice dinner options as well. Atmosphere is casual and they do have high chairs. Enjoy!