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Aug 25, 2009 11:48 AM

Breakfast/brunch in Williamsburg

Thinking of hitting Williamsburg for Sunday breakfast/brunch for the 1st time. Typically into traditional breakfast/brunch items, nothing too out there. Can anyone suggest a place. We hope to walk around the area after so if near stores/shops would be great.

Have heard of Egg but menu looks limited, want some variety to pick from. Not sure if Egg is all that good either.

Appreciate the suggestions.

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    1. re: malibu

      best omelets around at dressler. usually avoid omelets at most places as they tend to be overcooked and overpowered by the fillings. not here...

      aurora's scrambled eggs with ricotta in the batter are a novel tasty change as well... if the weather's nice on sunday, may be a good pick given the outdoor space... and it's near the shop moonriver chattel (restored furniture, rustic housewares... and other pricey nice stuff)

      sweetwater tavern has a more limited menu, and i haven't had brunch there in a while so can't entirely vouch for it, but has been good in the past.. nice outdoor space. convenient to shops. and as it's not generally thought of as the big brunch place, likely to have shorter waits if any.

      lodge is hit or miss and i imagine most ch'ers would say miss... but throwing it in as it has a more traditional airy / festive brunchy atmosphere than the others, a menu that covers all the traditional brunch options (plus vegetarian friendly versions of all), is cheap and is located on grand st and it's strip of shops. granted, very spotty hipster service.

      if you choose a place near hotel delmano (n. 9th and berry) stop by there before or after for a civilized uncrowded drink. they also do an excellent continental breakfast (pastry & coffee) for days when you're feeling... well... continental.

      finally, brunch crowds get started late in burg. the walking wounded hangover refugees peak at about 2... less waits if you arrive at noon.

      1. re: thievery

        a nice, affordable (cash only though) french cafe is FADA on driggs & n.8th, though i think their dinner menu is a lot better with all the options (you cannot go wrong w/ the mussels or the escargot - always plump and perfectly cooked). i once had the most amazing bowl of fish broth that was heady and fantastic despite its murky appearance. the lamb steak, alas, is no longer on the menu, but it really induced me to midnight snack...3x in one night. service can be a bit slow but the outdoor garden provides a decent distraction.

        for brunch, croque madame. or the baked eggs w/ tomato.

    2. Maggie Brown's. Haven't been there but it has come highly recommended.

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      1. re: MissBellaHell

        Though I've never been myself, I believe Maggie Brown is down in Ft. Greene rather than Williamsburg, but perhaps she/they have opened up a second outpost?

        Egg is indeed excellent. And yes, the menu is limited and the wait on weekends is outrageous. If you like the neighborhood enough to return on a weekday morning, that's probably the time to go.

        I'll second Dressler and Diner as viable options, though both are on the extreme South end of the neigborhood, and might place you rather far outside of the usual shopping/strutting/scening scrum on Bedford Ave or Grand St..

        Walter Foods and Aurora are also reasonable bets, though service at both can be extremely scattered.

      2. Egg is excellent, but monstrously popular. Other good choices are Five Leaves, Diner, and Roebling Tea Room.

        1. sounds like OP would be pretty happy at Teddy's. Certainly nothing too out there, and near stores/shops.

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          1. re: sir chowalot

            thanks, someone from work who lives in area also recommended Teddy's
            Have to see how weekend weather is - and perhaps we will hit Teddy's or Egg.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. i can't believe i forgot DUMONT.
              pretty delicious! pretty big bloody marys.