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Grill recs

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My gas grill crapped out. I'm looking to replace it. This whole BTU and infrared business is starting to confuse me. Any one with constructive ideas?

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  1. You can't go wrong with a Weber. Ignore the infrared and just get those options you're really going to use. Do you really need a rotisserie attachment or a warming pan?

    And if you want a grill that will never, ever crap out on you, get a charcoal one!

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      I have a charcoal grill, wood burning and electric smoker. Like many American I'm getting lazy and want it hot now. I hate getting out the grill, building a fire, waiting just to cook 2 hotdogs.

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        Everyone in my neighbhorhood seems to have a Weber Performer (the charcoal grill with the propane ignition system). These actually heat up FASTER than the One Touch gas Webers (five minutes versus 10-15).

        Father in law has the low-end gas Weber Spirit. He seems to like it just fine. For burgers/dogs, I use my cast iron Weber hibachi. With a charcoal chimney, I can get a full load of lump charcoal white hot in about 10 minutes. Whatever you go with, definitely find a local authorized Weber dealer to give you the pros and cons (not Home Depot; those guys aren't particularly helpful when it comes to grills). The other brands just don't provide the level of customer service or support.