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Aug 25, 2009 11:31 AM

Lake Martin Restaurants, near Montgomery Alabama

I wanted to talk about two places that I stumbled across that are real gems for the area, especially if you are up at the lake.

Catherine's Market at Russell Crossroads:
Hands down the best market I've come across in the area. Excellent butcher, wine, cheese, and high gravity beer selection... Plenty of other specialty items. This place is like a whole foods- the closest thing montgomery has to this quality is freshmarket. The adjoining market looked promising as well. I hear that they run shuttles from the boat ramp at kowaliga.

Another spot is Christopher in Dadeville
The menu reads high quality, they have a weekend brunch buffet that sounded interesting, and it is right next to Stillwater's.

I really don't know of any other quality places accessible by the water on lake martin. Sinclair's at Kowaliga has never impressed, although they do actually have their own boat dock.

I've mapped both of these places on my google area restaurant map viewable here:

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  1. Chris Hastings opened a new restaurant down there also- very nice- but I don't know the name- I think it's next to Catherine's

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      He is the "culinary advisor" at the springhouse restaurant. It's in the Russell Crossroads complex, right next to Catherine's. I mapped that as well!