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Momofuku wedding cakes??


I'm a David Chang fan, but I find this bordering on the offensive. $350 for a "we don't do fondant or frosting" wedding cake?? That thing looks like something a 10 year old could slap together in 5 minutes!

Seriously... what are they thinking?

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  1. well, according to the Bridal Association of America, the average cost of a wedding cake in 2006 was $543...and there's a good chance it's gone up in the past few years. what are they thinking? David Chang is one of the current darlings of the culinary world, and people who can still afford to pay a premium in this economy will likely fork it over it just to say that Momofuku did their wedding cake.

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      There's a reason why wedding cakes averaged $543 in 2006 -- they take a ridiculous amount of time and effort to make. Fondant, frosting, sugar work... it's all very labor intensive and takes a great deal of skill. What Momofuku is plopping out -- David Chang, culinary "darling" or not -- is pretty disgraceful looking and in no way is worth the price of admission. There is so much debate about "is it worth the $XX" when it comes to celebrated chef offerings -- this very much appears to be, without question, one of those moments to scream a resounding "no."

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        i never said i *agreed* with it. i was merely suggesting that it might be their reasoning.

    2. I love Milk Bar but it *is* overpriced so it's not a surprise. Also depends on how many people it could serve -- Two Little Red Hens' wedding cake is $8/slice, so it would serve a little over 40 people at the same price (and they don't do fondant either.) I can see the cake fitting into a rustic sort of wedding.

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        The website says it has 60 servings not including the keepsake top layer, so I'm guessing it's a bit larger than it appears on screen. I got married earlier this year, and I can affirm that $350 is a bargain compared to a lot of what's out there - fondant or no - especially in New York.

        This is totally a personal preference thing, but I'd probably prefer this to spending twice as much for something that doesn't taste as good but is beautifully decorated.

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          If it's 60 servings w/o the top layer I agree that it's a bargain for a wedding cake!

      2. Maybe it's some type of fabulous tasting cake? I wouldn't pay $350 for that!

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          I was about to say i would pay for it,(I love MB!! even though I've only tried 2 items - I stuill feel I love it!!) but then I really looked closely at the picture and - wow the thing looks REALLY small for $350

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              It is one of the most hedious cakes i've ever seen. period

        2. OMG... charge an extra $25 and frost why don't ya! Or at least cut the layers straight.
          That is not a pretty cake though I'm sure it tastes delicious.

          1. Fondant sucks, as do 99% of wedding cakes. But then again, if you are at a wedding, you are most likely drunk, so either you are drinking jim beam in lieu of cake or can barely taste anything, so who cares what the cake tastes like.

            1. Honestly, why wouldyou want your wedding cake from Momofuku Milk Bar?

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                If it tastes as good as the candy bar pie - I'd def have it!!

                And for the record, I don't think it's that ugly

              2. Wow, while this isn't the ugliest photo of a wedding cake that that I've seen, it's one of the priciest. My friend who bakes on the side could do a better frosting job. It doesn't even look uniform or even. Unfortunately, I feel like the food presentation at Milk Bar overall is on the 10 yr old level.

                see here for more cake disasters and laughs: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

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                  Really? If it serves 60 people it works out to be a little over $5/slice. That's cheaper than most wedding cake designers and bakeries, especially in Manhattan, who do them -- I can only think of a couple off of my head. Two Little Red Hens' wedding cake is $8/slice for example.

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                    <My friend who bakes on the side could do a better frosting job.>

                    The Momofuku cake is unfrosted. Says so right in the description. And I hate to say it, but $350 for a cake that serves 60 is not expensive at all. I think Sylvia Weinstock charges $15+/slice. But for that, you do get an awful lot of frosting.

                  2. Part of the reason for using frosting/fondant/icing is to keep the cake moist. That thing is going to go stale and crusty in a few hours unless they've added something else to the batter.
                    Personally, I don't like eating fondant, and understand the reasons for not using it; but, an unfrosted cake just looks sort of stupid. I think the wedding guests would think it was a joke too.

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                      I don't like fondant either - my cake was buttercream. But honestly, if you are in the marketing business, why would you present an unfrosted cake as the only representation of what you can do for weddings? It's not like they have other photos on there. (Even if it's designed to be a good tasting versus good looking cake.)

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                        I'm surprised at all the fuss over the no frosting bit - I really like the way that cake looks. I think it has a rustic elegance to it...
                        and it looks like 2 different creams or fillings - and Milk Bars stuff is soooo rich - it probably doesnt need any frosting. I bet it tastes delicious

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                          I have to agree. I've had lots of wedding cakes in my day, most of which were pretty but many of which looked like each other, and I frankly doubt many tasted as good as I bet this does, based on past trips to Milk Bar. It's not the traditional white-fondant-with-stripes (or lace or ribbon) capital-w Wedding Cake, which frankly makes me like it more. I don't think this is intended for a traditional SITC-esque wedding, but it would certainly have worked for mine.

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                            yes mine too!!

                            steak - i admit i havent tried any of their cakes but it still looks darn good to me

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                            I don't think many people would really want it for their wedding cake anyway. They are taking shortcuts by not icing the cakes. In my opinion, the best things at Momofuku Milk Bar are the crack pie and the cookies anyway. Their cakes (except for the banana which is delicious) aren't really anything special.

                            1. re: steakrules85

                              That cake is hideous as a wedding cake. I dont care how wonderful it might taste, wedding cakes are generally supposed to be a beautiful presentation and not some big gourmet food moment..
                              How often have you gone to a restaurant and saw "wedding cake" on the dessert menu? Like, never?
                              Its not the cost at all~its perfectly reasonable for a wedding cake. Its just BFU.
                              If you want a wedding cake that tastes amazing(and maybe this one does that is not at all the question) you make a bunch of small cakes and present them on a tiered stand.

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                                >How often have you gone to a restaurant and saw "wedding cake" on the dessert menu?

                                Maybe because "wedding cake" is not a certain type of cake?

                      2. I can't believe people are bashing a cake they've never tasted. Knowing Chang and his pastry chef, it's probably scrumptious. I think it's cool looking. Sort of an irreverent anti-wedding cake. I could see it being served at a hip, artsy Manhattan wedding where the bride and groom are doing sort of a personalized, non-traditional, somewhat rebellious motif. If that were the plan, this cake would actually be a bargain.

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                          Agreed. This cake is not intended to be traditional or appeal to the masses. It's an alternative type of wedding cake for a niche group of people. After tasting several of the cookies and cakes at MB, I would be pretty damn psyched to get served this cake at a wedding over the same old.

                        2. It's a sad looking cake.

                          Can anyone tell me what the "crack pie" is that is offered as a wedding takeaway?

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                            the cake looks naked...unfinished

                            probably dries out quickly

                          2. Not everyone wants fondant, layers of frosting, or a cake dripping with sugar detail. It may not be your taste, but is likely is someone else's. If you love fondant, then get your traditional wedding cake from a bakery that caters to your needs. Momofuku's cakes are minimal, and cater to another crowd. Thank goodness there's room for all of us on this planet.

                            1. I got my wedding cake from Momofuku, because I don't like how wedding cakes usually don't look like cakes. Christina Tosi delivered it, and she was fantastic. She was sweet to everyone, set up the cake beautifully, and wasn't intrusive at all. Every single person at my wedding said it was the best wedding cake they'd ever had, and when decorated with flowers, it was gorgeous. We had cake for 100 and cookie favors for 100 for around 700 dollars, including delivery and tastings. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who's looking for something delicious.

                              1. I joined Chowhound just to comment on this. I ordered my wedding cake - the large one- from Momofuku for about $550. It was absolutely gigantic, and served over 250 people at my NYC wedding reception. For people who haven't tried the cake and think it will dry out, it's incredibly moist and dense- people said it was like cheesecake in richness & texture. The icing layers are very dense and are actually layered inside the cake. People are still raving about how good it tasted. I like the look of the cake, especially for a non-traditional wedding party. Not having icing on the outside was a plus, especially in a warm room. And an added bonus - each layer can be a different flavor. Ours had 4 flavors, which made folks very happy. Regarding cost, I am getting another -incredibly simple white cake for our traditional wedding party in Ohio. And, that one is actually more expensive, and will serve fewer people. The bonus of this Milk Bar cake is that it is so dense and rich you can actually get more servings out of it than advertised. And, it is unique. It was the best value for the money of our whole reception. And if you are having a party in NYC, you know the alcohol and food costs make this cake price look like pennies in a pot. Please . Try a $25 cake tasting before you get too angry about this cake.

                                Momofuku Milk Bar
                                251 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

                                1. No one is making anyone purchase them. There's no accounting for taste. Just look around at how some folks are dressing!

                                  1. i'm on a campaign to convince Ms. Coasts to have this at our wedding. i won't show her this thread.

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                                      I don't know - seems like the folks who have actually used them for wedding cakes have great things to say.

                                      1. re: coasts

                                        Shouldn't one bite convince her?

                                        My Mr. and I had a full birthday cake to ourselves for his birthday back in April, and that was enough to convince us that Momo will be doing our wedding cake too. So moist, even two and three days later!

                                        1. re: loratliff

                                          let's see. we're scheduling a tasting for the coming week.

                                          on a side note, i was at Milk Bar on Thursday and there was a sign announcing pistachio and dulce de leche tuffles coming this week.

                                          1. re: coasts

                                            I think they retired those cakes in 2009, interesting that they are coming back as cake truffles.


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                                              We had the pistachio at our wedding last summer and it was the huge hit. I think they're not making it as a regular cake to be sold, but they told us they would pretty much make any of our favorite flavors for the wedding.

                                              1. re: alysonlaurel

                                                Via their Twitter:

                                                NEW items on our menu: dulce de leche & pistachio cakes & cake truffles, confetti cookies, & soft-serve flavors at all locations! Hell yes!

                                                new soda-shop-style soft serve flavors at all locations today! EV: Creamsicle, BK: Rootbeer Float , and Midtown: Chocolate Malt!

                                                1. re: kathryn

                                                  BTW, I had the Chocolate Malt Milkshake today at Milk Bar, and it was delicious! When my dad was alive, he used to make wonderful chocolate malteds (with the malt powder), and Milk Bar's Chocolate Malt Milkshake was the best I've had in many years. The milkshake stayed thick through the last sip which was amazing! Definite malt flavor.

                                                  1. re: ellenost

                                                    That sounds amazing - I absolutely adore chocolate malt milkshakes. I'll have to stop by before it gets too cold for milkshakes! Thanks for sharing!

                                                    1. re: uwsister

                                                      The Chocolate Malt flavor is available only at the midtown location of Milk Bar (where Ma Peche is located). I hope you do try it.

                                                      Ma Peche
                                                      15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

                                              2. re: kathryn

                                                Wow, that pistachio sounds amazing!

                                        2. That cake looks like a shaved poodle. But if it tastes good, so what? Wedding cakes are the lowest of the low in sweets, so being pleasantly surprised with a good tasting cake would be a novelty.

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                                            The shaved poodle comment is hilarious! Yes, that's probably why it looked kind of funny to me. Personally, I never liked the taste of Milk Bar's cakes. But to each to his or her own.

                                          2. We had a momofuku 3-tiered buttercream FROSTED! cake from Momofuku at our August 2011 wedding and it was amazeballs. We actually ordered through our caterer (Marcey Brownstein) and got a (comparably) good price and the flavors were delicious. We had a tier of dark chocolate with mint buttercream that I had like 3 pieces of.

                                            1. Just went to a wedding last week and they had the Dulce De Leche wedding cake and it was a HUUUGE success!! Everybody could not stop raving about it being the best wedding cake they every had - me being one of them!

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                                                They sell cake truffles of that flavor now, BTW.

                                              2. Yup, we're also having a Momofuku Cake at our wedding next weekend (!) and we couldn't be more excited about it. All of the flavors we tasted were amazing and when I've served their cakes before at parties, people always raved about them. It may not look like your standard wedding cake, but it will sure taste a whole lot better!

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                                                  congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Ms. Coasts and I will be wed next month and will also have the Dulce de Leche cake from Momofuku. we couldn't decide between that and the carrot cake. what are you having?

                                                  1. re: coasts

                                                    We're actually a cake buffet - three 10" cakes and three 6' cakes. So we'll have a lot of flavors - dulce de leche, carrot cake, birthday cake, chocolate malt, strawberry lemon (amazing!) and the chocolate chip. Strawberry lemon was our personal favorite and the one we'll be cutting. Can't wait!

                                                    1. re: newfoodie

                                                      I have to say that sounds absolutely amazing!