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Aug 25, 2009 10:51 AM

restaurant recs for sept visit ?

hi there, i am from new orleans and will be visiting friends in dallas in a few weeks. we have one night and the options are: screen door, shinsei, abacus and nick-sams. any input from locals welcome. any additional options also welcome. many thanks!

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    1. We ate at Screen Door a few weeks back and had a great time there. I wrote up a review here: After visiting a few new places over restaurant week as well, I would go back to Screen Door 1st. There theme of "then" and "now" was nice. Good luck.

      1. All great choices...Shinsei or Abacus! I haven't been to Shinsei since they did the expansion but "Elvis", the sushi chef is amazing. He is from the same area I lived in Japan. Other non-sushi items are great as well. The owners, Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun know how to run a first-class resturants since their hubbys are two of Dallas finest chefs! Abacus has delicious amazing food as well, just more American. Their redo was great, really nice bar area now.

        1. I would pick Abacus and my other recommendations would be Local or Stephan Pyles. I haven't been to Shinsei yet but it's on my list.

          1. Tei Tei is a robata bar that is located on Knox Henderson. They have some limited sushi items but the food was great there and will be much cheaper than Shinsei.

            I have been disappointed by Abacus in the past and I prefer Fearing's and Lola.