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Aug 25, 2009 10:46 AM


We are dropping our freshman daughter off this week and would appreciate a recommendation for dinner with her. Something casual but good before she is relegated to dorm food (if that - she is on Trinity campus, 1/2 mile from the dining hall), not pizza, not veggie. I know it will be a zoo. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Leunig's on Church St. and Trattoria Delia on St. Paul St. are both very good. A bit pricey for the students, but that's what parents are for. The kids like The Pub & Brewery and Red Onion. Henry's or Sweet Magnolia are great for breakfast.

    1. People often recommend American Flatbread. :)

      1. I was just there. I recommend American Flatbread, but it is really just pizza, which she'll be having a lot of! We also went to Three Tomatoes, which I thought was better than I expected (from this board). I do not recommend Sweetwaters!

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          Agree on Sweetwaters but find the Burlington Three Tomatoes (at least inside)unpleasant and much too noisy due to the hard surfaces - the one in Rutland is much more pleasant and relaxed. I used to go to the Brewery for the fine smoked porter (not for the food or atmosphere), but they stopped making it and instead put the smoke in the stout where it's totally wasted - what a dumb move.

          I know board opinions are split on Leunig's, but they have an early (and late) bird special that I thought was a great deal (app. + main for $15) and even offer a $2 glass of wine with it - too bad you can't get a $2 pint!

        2. I nice casual Spot is The Rotisserie. About 2 miles east of UVM on Main St/Williston Rd/Rte 2 (all the same road, just different names). Burlington is a ZOO right now due to tourist, nice weather, and returning college students. This place should be easier to get a table and has a wide variety of reasonably priced options. You won't leave hungry. It's about 1/4 mile past Al's French Fry heading east, only about 5-10 minutes from Groovy UV..............