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Aug 25, 2009 10:44 AM

Where do you go grocery shop?

Replying to another question about Henry's got me thinking. Where do I grocery shop?

20-25% farmers market, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and other speciality stores (i.e. Schriners, Vallarta, 99 Ranch, Cavarettas, etc.) and online speciality items

15-20% Costco for meat and fish and some pantry items

10% Trader Joes. Mostly dairy, wine, cheese, frozen items, oils, canned items and bread. This used to be my biggest percentage, but prices have gone up big time and a lot of quality issues lately.

15-20% Super King. Great prices on produce and nuts and some hard to find ethnic items.

35% Henrys. Mostly because it's close, but a lot of times I get good, fresh buys here. I'm in there a few times a week and can usually get out with less than $25. Mostly chicken, sometimes fish and meat if it looks fresh, good prices on melons and herbs, and a few choice deli items.

5% Cost Plus and Bev Mo for wine, beer, and couple random buys.

1-2% Big chain super markets. I've pretty much stopped going. Only for certain brand name items or when totally desparate.

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  1. 85% Super King. Excellent selection and great prices on fresh produce, meats and deli items. It's also very close.

    5% split among Major chains Vons, Ralphs, Albertson's

    10% is split among Bristol Farms, TJ's, F&E, Super A, Food 4 Less and everything else.

    1. Good topic.

      I like Henrys for cheese & crackers, fresh baked jalepeno cheese bread, fruits and veggies (IMO, beats Whole Foods Veggie Dept.). eggs, and Boars Head meats for my wife. bulk steel cut oats..

      Costco for La Brea Bakery breads,some fruits, paper goods,

      7 eleven for fresh Allta Dena milk at a good price when in a hurry..


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        Ralphs, because it is closer, there is one just across the st. from my school.
        Or some Chinese grocery market, their eggs, vegetables are cheaper.

      2. 1/3 Albertson's -- because they closed the Ralph's near me and Albertson's is on the way home.
        1/3 Costco -- because I pick up my prescriptions there once a month -- I get cheese, chicken, bread, paper products
        1/3 TJs -- because

        1. I also like this topic as I have been thinking about this lately. Gelson's and Ralphs because they are within walking distance, but I love neither. Trader Joes and Nature Mart when taking the car. Farmer's market when I can make it. Whole Foods for some specialty items but I think I am done with them for multiple reasons. When I am near a Fresh & Easy I will stop in for a couple things that seem to be cheapest there. Amazon for HP Sauce. My ideal grocery store only exists in my mind unfortunately! I wish there was a better nearby alternative.

          1. Fresh & Easy 50%, dairy, cheese, meat, fish, marked down snackie things, sorbet, ice cream, some produce, breads
            Superior Super Warehouse, 25% almost all of my produce occasionally cheese & tortillas
            99 Cent Store, maybe 5-10% eggs soymilk, some produce if you go to the right store right day, some snacky things
            TJs...Never go anymore
            Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, regular supermarkets lless than 5% maybe every other week for specials or bulk item
            Costco 5% Just a few things are worth it for me, nuts, coffee, fish, vitamins. Package sizes are too large.
            Target 5% for the paper goods, cleaners, pet food, toothpaste,