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Aug 25, 2009 10:40 AM

ISO filipino food in downtown Toronto?

Title says it all...We get the occasional festival downtown and friends invite me over to their house for potlucks, but restaurant-wise, the only places I know of are in Markham or Scarborough. I'm wondering if there are any places even a teensy bit closer to the downtown core I could try...that would be amazing!

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  1. The closest I can think to downtown is St. Clair west of Bathurst where there are several places -- Barrio Fiesta is one and there's a new place on the south side around Vaughan Rd. that is very popular right now. It's always packed -- they carry groceries, prepared food and there's a few tables and chairs in the front. Next time I walk by I will check the name.

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      I think that place might be called something like JV or FV Foods. It looks very new and clean. I am no expert on Filipino foods but in addition St. Clair, there are a few Filipino stores on Eglinton (west of Bathurst) and on Wilson (west of Bathurst), as well as Bathurst itself (between Glencairn and Wilson). Most of these places are not restaurants, but small stores (almost convenience stores) that sell food (including bread and warm meals). The largest concentration seems to be on Wilson. Not exactly downtown, but easy to get to on TTC or by car.
      One place that has been recommended to me is Aristokrat (on Wilson, west of Bathurst). Da Best Philipino Bakery is also near there.

    2. I think it might be FV Foods and part of this chain:

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        FV Foods has very good baked goods and desserts, but I don't think they serve complete meals. I've been to the main store in Scarborough and I don't recall seeing anything there but desserts and baked goods (although I'm not looking for anything else). They do have some savoury baked goods.

        I usually go to Cucina Manila on Pharmacy and Lawrence. The owner is from Pampanga so it's a Kampampangan style of cuisine. Their nilaga and beef sarsiado were amazing... cooked perfectly. My brother, dad and I have been to several of the filipino restos in Scarborough and CM seems to be the best one overall. Barrio Fiesta has very good crispy pata and we liked the pancit bihon. Remely's had very good lumpia shanghai (or was that Barrio as well?). Jesse Jr.'s has just lots of locations. Aside from that fact their food, IMHO, is greasy. Their breakfast plate is okay.

        It's not that difficult to find Filipino restos downtown or close to downtown, the main problem is quality or the lack of it in many of these restos.

      2. Not exactly downtown, but "Marcie's Fine Foods" (in a little strip plaza, north side of Sheppard, one block west of Victoria Park - no entry from Sheppard; you have to turn north on Brian Drive, then turn right into the plaza) is the spot our Filipina nanny goes to for Filipino foods. It's just a couple of lights east of the 404 on Sheppard, so if you were travelling outside of rush hour, it shouldn't be too bad. She normally gets fish, those little sausages (laugostina?), short ribs, Magnolia ice cream, prepared sauces like Mama Cita, and this special liver sauce she serves with lechon. And speaking of lechon, you can special order one there. Oh, and she also gets jars of Filipino fruits like macapuno and ube to make halo-halo in the summer - it just hasn't been hot enough this year to justify the effort!

        1. Casa Manila on Don Mills and York Mills, IMO, has the best Filipino food among the limited choices we have. Not too greasy or oily, fresh ingredients, place is clean, has friendly service. It's definitely our go-to Filipino resto.

          1. i've been to a little take out place on the south side of king just a little bit east of dufferin .. they had some packaged stuff and maybe 5 take out items. i think their hours are something like 12-8