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Aug 25, 2009 10:38 AM

Lunch stops in or near Morgantown or Wheeling?

I will be road tripping from SE Ohio towards the NYC area next week and could find myself in or near either town on my way through WV around lunch time (on a monday, probably). Is there anything worth stopping for? We'd be looking for something quicker and less fancy but anything at all of note would be appreciated - local/regional things, a good sandwich or other quick eats worth seeking out.

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    1. re: ToothTooth

      Very interesting. This is just the type of information that makes me love chowhound. i will most certainly keep this in mind as we pass through.

      A question about pepperoni rolls - although ive read the links provided, would you say that pepperoni rolls are a WV "thing". "Rolls" like this are super common at NYC slice shops - though i guess i see them with sausage/chicken/spinach more than with pepperoni, and the construction looks a bit different.

      Edit: Alas - i just checked and it appears as though colasessano's is closed sunday and monday, so we probably will be ill-timed. Anything else i should stop and see (and by see i mean eat)

      1. re: tex.s.toast

        Its nothing fancy, but its good home cooking at Ruby and Ketchy's in Morgantown.

        I'd also give a recommendation for Sammie's deli:

    2. Coleman's Fish Market in downtown Wheeling in the Market buildings--awesome fish sandwich--sold by weight--each one slightly different. Busy at noon. They have a web site.

      1. In the same vein - a friend who spent some time in wheeling recommended DiCarlo's but didnt elaborate on the details but said it would be a local experience if not quite what i think of as pizza.

        Anyone have tips/reports or anything extra to elaborate on that option?