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Aug 25, 2009 10:33 AM

Grimaldi's - Peoria Park West

I meant to post this a few weeks ago but forgot. Then I read the article on them in the newspaper and it reminded me again. We were in the area and in the mood for pizza so we stopped in. We ordered two pizzas. One pepperoni and peppers. The other, sausage and mushroom. Blah! Neither one of them had any real flavor at all. The sausage pizza was watery. What would make it watery? I could get over that but what I didn't like was that there was nothing there to make the pizza actually taste good. The waitress kept stressing the "coal fired pizza" angle. I didn't think the crust had any taste either. I do have to say that I did like the cheese. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to make up for the bland sauce and meat toppings.

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  1. Dunno. I've been to Scottsdale and Ocotillo and every Grimaldi's pie I've had has been glorious. Better than Bianco's, imo (and I've had quite a few of those).

    Watery usually means one of the veggies "broke"; one good reason never to order onions or raw mushrooms.

    Fatty cheese can also add fluid. Nello's used to have a low-fat cheese and I'd order it light, making an almost greaseless pizza. But they weren't selling enough so they stopped. Ironic. It was almost healthy that way.

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      "Better than Bianco's" in Pizzeria Bianco??? I had to read that twice!

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        They're about the same if you're not comparing too carefully. Hot-fired thin crust pies. Bianco's runs to a little tough while Grimaldi's usually has a beautifully crispy under-surface but otherwise is normal texture. Grimaldi's toppings are more traditional while Bianco will serve you something more exotic. Bianco's is worth the wait if there's important social grease to be spread, but hand me twenty pies and i'll prefer the texture on the Grimaldi's more often.

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          Bull****. By your criteria, we might as well go get supermarket croissants instead of the ones from Au Petit Four since they're similar if you don't compare too closely. Chowhound is all about comparing too closely, ferreting out incredible food in all forms. Chris Bianco's passion for pizza shines through in every single item that comes out of his kitchen. His Margherita is my Platonic ideal for what a pizza should be; pure elegance, a simple dish that is magnitudes more than the sum of its parts. His antipasto platter gets me to gleefully eat vegetables I normally would consider only fit for the compost heap. Grimaldi's coal fire is little more than smoke and mirrors, emphasis on the smoke. I'll eat Little Caesars over Grimaldi's any day.

      2. I prefered Grimaldi's while my wife loved the Bianco experience.We alco ordered different pies at Bianco.Both pizzas were excelent but we just have different preferences.

        1. IMO they are completely different product segments. Grimaldi's makes a New York-style pie. Bianco makes an artisanal wood-fired oven pie. They both share the term pizza and that's about it. They shouldn't be compared any more than one should compare roast prime rib of beef/to a strip steak/to a burger.

          1. That's too bad the pizza didn't come out. We eat at the (original) Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY pretty often and I have yet to get a bad pie. And we always like to order a mushroom and sausage!

            I like Lombardi's better anyways... ha!

            1. We've never been to the Grimaldi's in Scottsdale, but we did try the one in Peoria and found it to be quite ordinary, not worth a return trip. I can only assume that the pizzas made at the Scottsdale location are very different.