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Aug 25, 2009 10:16 AM

Palm Beach Shores / Singer Island area recommendations (groceries and restaurants)

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to be in the area on vacation so I searched the boards here for recommendations. Unfortunately, most of what I found was either really old (2002) or not what I had in mind (not interested in kid-friendly).

I plan on doing a bit of my own cooking so I'm interested in finding out about any nearby grocery stores and wine/spirits shops. Also, if there are any ethnic groceries in the area, I'd love to hear about them.

For a few meals, I plan to go out and would love to get some ideas for where to go. Best burger? Best steak? Best seafood? Best breakfast? Best fine dining? Best casual-on-the-beach food and drink?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. From PB Shores, you're equally as far from WPB as you are PB Gardens and Jupiter so you have some options.
    For grocery stores, there are none on the island, but there is a Winn-Dixie just over the bridge and N of US1. I would rec going the extra few minutes to a Publix - just a better all around experience with better and fresher food, and usually more selection. For a gourmet grocer, you can go up to Palm Beach Gardens and check out Carmine's Gourmet Market on PGA Blvd. Also just off of PGA is Whole Foods.
    Two buger places to check out nearby. The first is Brass Ring Pub. Complete and total dive bar, but great burger and great wings. Very mixed crowd from preppy to biker. The other is somewhat newly opened Grease Burger Bar on Clematis in WPB. Good burgers, but a little more pricey. Brass Ring is also dirt cheap. $5 burger vs $9-10ish at Grease.
    I'll let someone else give a steak rec as I haven't been anywhere in the area that is a non-chain. There are, of course, Ruth's Chris, Capital Grill, Morton's, and Three Forks nearby.
    For the best seafood, there are three great places nearby. Food Shack (Jupiter), Leftovers Cafe (Jupiter), and Reef Grill (Juno Beach). Leftovers and Reef are the same owner and similar concept/menu. Leftovers is the newer of the two. Reef Grill is where the owner began, and it shows, as it has similar menu items as well, but prices are a little lower. I usually go to Reef and share several apps as there are about 20 on the menu and theyre all really good. Good wine prices at Reef too. At Leftovers or Food Shack, the tuna roll app is awesome!
    You have a few options for breakfast. Jim's place in Jupiter is one of the best greasy spoon breakfasts around. Be prepared to wait on the weekends though. If you don't mind driving a little, down in Lake Worth (about 15-20 min from you) there is John G's and Benny's on the Beach. John G's has the better food offerings, but Benny's is located on an old pier directly atop the ocean, so the view factors in to your choice plus you can sit outside, and Benny's food is pretty good too, so I usually go there. The wait is never as long as John G's either, which is across the street from the beach, so no view. Crab cakes benedict is usually what I go for at Benny's.
    Best all around restaurant, IMO, is Cafe Boulud on Palm Beach. They, as well as many other quality restaurants are participating in Flavor Palm Beach, which runs the entire month of Sept, and offers $30 Prix Fix menus for dinner and $19 for lunch. Check the list out at . Cafe Chardonnay, also on the flavor list, is a great local place as well, on PGA in PB Gardens. I can't personally give a rec, but Solu right on PB Shores is also supposed to be good.
    There really aren't too many places that are actually "on the beach" and casual. Since the beach is on Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores, casual is virtually out. There are waterfront casual places though, that are good and relatively nearby. Square Grouper in Jupiter is a waterfront beach bar (outdoors w/ sand and tiki huts). Food is very limited, so I would just go there for a few drinks. They usually have live music there as well. There's also Boston's on the beach in Delray (technically across the street from the ocean), but it has good atmosphere and pretty good seafood. They also have an upstairs that has a more upscale atmosphere and food, and better views of the ocean. There's the Tiki Waterfront Sea Grill that overlooks Peanut Island. It's probably the closest to where you'll be staying and also has live music frequently. A few other places you might want to look into that are worthy of consideration but a bit futher are Old Key Lime House (Lantana), Old Calypso (Delray Beach), Two Georges (Boynton Beach), or Banana Boat (Boynton


    Hope this helps!

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      **Typo** - I meant leftovers and food shack are same owner. Sorry

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        Thank you so much for your reply! This is exactly the kind of information I was seeking and I really appreciate the time and detail put into it!

        I'd already decided that I couldn't visit the area without having at least one meal at Cafe Boulud so it was great seeing that a local (you are local, right?) gave it high marks. Solu looked interesting, as well, and I plan to go check the menu for Cafe Chardonnay.

        I'm glad to see that there's a Publix in the area - it's my favorite here at home. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Carmine's has to offer. There's no Whole Foods near me so that sounds good, too.

        With all of your fabulous recommendations, I think I'm going to have a hard time not eating out for every meal! I do want to cook a little bit while I'm on vacation - it's one of the ways I relax.

        Thank you, again, Ash!

      2. I agree with a few things from ash0529's post.

        The Publix is definitely better than Winn-Dixie, and Carmine's is worth the trip for the market and for the 2 restarants associated with it - the Trattoria and seafood place across the street.

        The Brass Ring Pub recommendation is right on! Best burgers in the area.

        We don't do steak houses, so I can't speak about them.

        Jim's in Jupiter is a very good greasy spoon breakfast spot. Our favorite is Luna Rosa in Delray Beach. Paris in Town in Palm Beach Gardens is also a good breakfast/lunch spot with great pastries!

        Cafe Chardonnay is very good. We also like Max & Eddie's on Singer Island.

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          Carmine's Gourmet Market is the best for those who can afford it. His La Trattoria's pizza, made in Carmine's Market and available for takeout, is the best I have had in the area. Carmine no longer owns the Ocean Grill (the seafood place across the street) from what I was told.

          There's a good latino grocery store in West Palm called El Bodegon and a small asian grocer in Lake Park called Saigon market. if interested.

          El Bodegon Grocery
          4704 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach
          Phone: (561) 967-2121
          Hours: Monday-Sunday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

          Saigon Oriental Food
          Market and Gifts
          832 Park Ave, Lake Park
          (561) 863-6467

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            if you're going to the whole foods on PGA might as well goto the greenwise publix/total wine and accessories (which is an awesome liquor/wine/alcohol store). they're right next door to each other and is at the intersection of a1a and PGA i believe...

            1. re: gan911

              I'm feeling like such a nerd - getting so excited about new grocery stores! Thanks for the recommendations.

            2. re: freakerdude

              Perfect! Thank you! I'll plan on stopping at all of them. Funny, now I'm actually hoping I get one or two days of rain so I won't feel guilty about not basking on the beach the whole time!

            3. re: bucksguy14

              That's two recommendations each for the Brass Ring and Cafe Chardonnay! Looks like I definitely need to put those on my list.

              Thank you!

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                there is a grocery store on singer island called the grater gator on a corner- they are expensive and dont always have everything but saves time and gas if you just need a couple of items-also at the palm beach shores resort there is a restaurant and a tiki outdoor bar that is pretty good for drinks and happy hour also for a nice but not too ritzy meal with the best view on the island is the sea spray hotel- an old best western on the ocean that has a 4 th floor bar and restaurant that is consisitent and not too expensive- the sailfish marina also on the island is expensive but a nice experience-I dont recommend portofino's or max and eddie's as both don't have very good food for italian on the island get delivery from pizza lino- also the bars at the resort at singer island and the hilton are quite good- check out the local places on the island and you can walk or bike to them and not have to travel so far away!!

            4. Ima, I am curious what you liked best after your trip to Singer Island. We are going next week and I wanted to see if you had anything to add to the replies below. Thanks so much!

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                Did you see this current thread on PB Shores with the OP's reply on their visit?


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                  Ok, who's confused freakerdude - the other post was from a different OP.

                  1. re: bucksguy14

                    The person was asking for input on PB Shores and you have it there from a different OP who currently visited. Most vacationers do not visit this board on a regular basis I would guess.

                    1. re: freakerdude

                      Your guess is probably correct. It was I who was, obviously, confused! Mea Culpa.

                      1. re: bucksguy14

                        A restaurant not mentioned here is Limoncello
                        561 622 7200
                        U.S. 1 and PGA across from Publix, just off the Island.
                        It was recommended by a friend who lives here.
                        Our best meal of the trip by far.
                        DH had the special of the day Dover Sole, finished at the table.
                        He said it was perfect.
                        I had the homemade Pasta with Peas and Shitake Mushrooms finished at the table on a huge slab of cheese.
                        The sauce did not mask the flavor of the Pasta, and was a fabulous dish.
                        Two had the Snapper, covered with a huge array of Shellfish and Scampi.
                        They loved it as well.
                        App's were good.
                        Caesar Salad, Calamari, Stuffed Artichokes, but not as spectacular as the mains.
                        My Grandson has food issues, and although not on the menu they made French Fries for him.
                        Wonderful service...everyone seemed to care.
                        Desserts were, I am told excellent as well.
                        We will go back before we leave.

                        1. re: erly

                          I've always wondered about Limoncello and it is always off of my radar for some reason.

                2. re: themillerhome

                  I am mortified. I don't usually post and run but I completely forgot to come back and post an update on this thread.

                  We had a completely fantastic meal at Cafe Boulud. I hope to go back there. The food was excellent and the service put the whole evening over the top.

                  I also made a trip down to the Brass Ring and had one of the most mouth-watering burgers I've ever eaten. Truly delicious.

                  As for grocery stores, the Greenwise/Publix had everything I needed and the lure of the beach was just too great to spend much time off the sand.

                3. We were just in PBS, and enjoyed the Sailfish Marina both for one diner and one breakfast. It is casual and the food is fresh and well prepared. You also might stop by a small French cafe/shop -- I forget the name but leaving the N end of the island, it is in a small shopping center on the left just before Rt 1, opposite the right turn into the Publix parking lot. We had a nice breakfast there, and it looked like a nice place fo ra sandwich or salad.

                  The market on the island is ok for emergencies. The liquor storevis ok. There's a new restaurant, Longboat Johnnie's', where we ate late the first night there. It was a good place for a drink. The food is fresh, but the food is pretty bad.

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                    Paris In Town is the french cafe on southeast corner of US-1 and PGA..

                    Funny thing is Longboat Johnnies still packs them in and the brand new buildings on the beach front definitely help. Lots of people drinking and then eating bad food I guess.

                    Brass Ring has the best dive bar burger but the Pelican Cafe (not a dive bar) just down the road has one fancier and even better with fresh made onion rings.


                  2. I know this thread is a year old, but I wanted to give a shout out to Cafe Chardonnay. Once again on our annual visit to the Café Chardonnay, the restaurant lived up to its reputation as one of the best in Florida. The restaurant was extremely busy when we arrived, but there was not a hint of stress in the service which was impeccable. Our waiter was very helpful with the menu, which seems more main stream than in previous visits. The wine list was varied and interesting with bottles in all price ranges. To start we shared the warm goat cheese and fig compote appetizer. I had the heirloom tomato salad and my dining companion had the beet and goat cheese salad – both were delicious. I followed with the veal scaloppini with chanterelles, which was perfect. My friend had the Chilean sea bass which was also exquisite. Unfortunately there was no room for dessert.