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Aug 25, 2009 10:04 AM

Give Us Your Summer 2009 Restaurant Week Review

Here is a new thread to let us all know about your experiences during Summer 2009 Restaurant Week.

I hope it's a delicious one!

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  1. second post, new topic so here it is again

    I was just coming to post about my dinner at Siroc last night as well. We sat outside since it had cooled down enough to want to be outside. Our waiter was friendly and more importantly knowledgeable about both the menu and wine list. Two of our party were deciding between two entrees and he gave his opinion on the 4 different options and informed one of them that while the lobster is on the regular menu, the gnocchi was a restaurant week special. Anyway back to the food, we tried 3 of the appetizers (the highlight being the housemade pork sausage) and 4 different entrees. I had the lobster w/roasted corn which were light and just right for a cool summer night, my gf had the free range veal cheeks which were tender and cooked perfectly. the other dishes were duck breast w/a tarte which was filled with tallegio and turnips (this was wonderful) and the gnocchi which were light but the sauce was just ok. desserts which i normally skip made me glad i did not skip them. i had the almond cake and mine was far from dry, moist cake and the blueberries and zabaglione sauce added to the whole rather than overwheleming it. overall i think restaurant week should make you want to tell other people about your experience and return again, Siroc delivered on both.

    1. We went to New Heights and was pretty disappointed. I had been there a few years ago and enjoyed it.

      The RW menu was limited and the portions were small. The waitress started with the snarky question about bottled, sparkling or "just tap" water.

      I ordered the chicken liver parfait for appetizer. I expected a little crock of chopped liver. Instead, there were 2 pieces of toasted bread with a smear of liver. BF had mussels and was pretty happy.

      For the second course, I ordered the flatiron steak which had an upcharge of $10. When the dish arrived, there were 4 small slices of steak spread out on the plate. The slices pieced together would be about the size of a deck of cards. This was served on a puree of potatoes and some mushrooms. BF ordered beef brisket. Again, the portion was quite small. I would say that it was smaller than a small fillet mignon. It was served with 4 thin slices of potato. We were both underwhelmed.

      They redeemed themselves with my cheese plate. BF had creme brulee in a mini ramekin.

      I do not expect chain-restaurant size portions but these were pretty small. The taste was not bad but I probably would not go back.

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        Had an excellent lunch at Black Salt. 3 dishes for $20: beautiful fried calamari, a delightful grilled rockfish atop fresh (and unique) pasta, and key lime pie. Very good service.

        We were very satisfied. The purpose of RW is to entice new patrons to restaurants. In this instance, it worked! We will definitely return to Black Salt based on our experience during RW.

      2. Did dinner last night at Acadiana. The RW menu was three courses for $35.09 which included essentially any appetizer, your choice of any of the entrees and desserts. I was there with an out of town friend and he too two appetizers (turtle soup and deviled eggs) and I took a dessert. Since we were celebrating his birthday they threw in a free dessert with a candle on the plate and "happy birthday" spelled out on the plate in chocolate.

        All in all a great night, and in my opinion, they are still the best for creole cooking in the area.

        1. Went to PS7 tonight.
          All in all, very good meal - started at the bar for the $4 happy hour cava, which we took to the much as I love Gina's cocktails, $12 is a bit much.

          I started with the flatbread - very good, but could have used a LITTLE more salt on the tomatoes to bring out their flavor. Smaller portion than the flatbreads served at the bar.
          I obviously had the risotto, since it was the only veggie option. This is where I was a bit disappointed. The risotto was perfectly good, but it's August. It's hot. And produce abounds. Really - mushroom risotto? To me, it seems a bit uninspired. I was not disappointed, but I can make risotto at home in the winter and be satisfied - it's not something that will BRING me to that restaurant.
          My friends loved their dishes - one had the tuna and one had the beef tenderloin.

          They both had the red velvet cake...I had the chocolate peanut butter bar thing which was DEEEVINE. I'd go just for that.

          Anyway - I think PS7 is a good value for RW for most people. Service was great, the fresh rolls were wonderful, etc. But I do wish I'd have had the choice of a more seasonal option.

          1. Hi all,

            My husband and I are doing 6 restaurants in 5 days - here is our review of Teatro Goldoni where we ate last night.

            Day 2: Teatro Goldoni (
            )Overall Rating: RRRR 1/2 (out of 5)

            In 2009, Teatro Goldoni won the prestigious RAMMYS Award for Favorite Restaurant and after dining there last night, Parry and I understand why. Chef Enzo Fargione isn’t just a chef to watch, he is a chef to experience – over and over again.

            We started our culinary journey with seared potato-leeks-pancetta and crab cakes over cream of basil and a chickpea powder texture. The savory cakes were moist and flavorful and Parry felt the chickpea powder added a welcomed crunch to the dish.

            Next, we dug into roasted cauliflowers dressed with bread crumbs, capers, roasted garlic, basil and Ligurian black olives over a carpaccio of roasted red and yellow peppers with polenta crackers and red beet chips. We expected this dish to be less savory and blander than the first because it is comprised solely of vegetables. We couldn’t have been more mistaken. The dish sang with flavor and as a self-confessed hater of beets I must acknowledge that the even the beet chips warranted a thumbs up.

            As good as the appetizer experience was we were unprepared for the delicacy and scrumptiousness of our main course. Parry’s dish of roasted monkfish wrapped in pancetta and served over a reduction of Merlot red wine and oven baked artichoke hearts was awe-worthy. The monkfish was succulent, the artichokes delightfully seasoned and the reduction made Parry want to lick the plate.

            After sampling Parry’s dinner and swooning I eyed my own plate of Teatro lithograph saffron pasta sheet cannellone filled with smoked and buffalo mozzarella, porcini mushrooms and served with arucola pesto and parmesan cheese foam. I commented that branding pasta can be deemed pretentious unless it is truly the most phenomenal pasta in existence. The first mouthful of the cannellone convinced me. Chef Fargione has every right to place his mark on this dish. The stuffing was culinary genius. The cheese was rich, creamy and smoky, the mushrooms delicate and the pesto intensely flavorful.
            Parry and I wondered if a kitchen skilled in creating and producing savory dishes could deliver a sweet ending to an almost perfect meal. Fortunately for us, Teatro Goldoni ends the way they begin – with a bang.

            The orange chocolate torte was a dreamy mix of quality dark chocolate and cocoa, zesty orange caramel and fresh pistachios. Parry, who normally rejects anything that combines orange and chocolate scraped the plate clean.
            My dish of chilled strawberries and sweet rhubarb macerated minestrone with basil sorbet, poppy seeds and crunchy meringue was a refreshing surprise. The minestrone was sweet but not syrupy and the strawberries soft and tangy. The basil ice cream however, stole the show. The flavor was delicate and opulent and I must admit that I desperately wanted another scoop.

            At this point, you get that Chef Fargione and his culinary team delivers innovative menus comprised of award-worthy dishes. But there is more to this story. From the second Parry and I walked in to our final moments in the restaurant, we were treated to exemplarity service. The Manager took the time to greet us personally, the bartender provided helpful suggestions regarding the wine list and our server Sayid was warm, skilled and attentive. It was obvious to Parry and I that everyone employed at Teatro Goldoni take pride in their job and their place of employment.

            If the purpose of Restaurant Week is to introduce the masses to the finest food Washington has to offer, then Teatro Goldoni succeeded. Without question, Parry and I will return – over and over again.