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Aug 25, 2009 09:56 AM

Really stupid questrion re: stuffing

I'm interested in cooking Julia Child's Mushroom Duxelles Poultry Stuffing (listed here:


However, I have an incredibly stupid question. In the recipe, she calls for 4 boneless and skinless chicken breasts and calls for them to be pureed with egg whites in sour cream. She never says to cook them though. Am I to assume that you use raw chicken and then the chicken just cooks in the bird? Or is it so obvious that the chicken would be cooked at this point that this is a stupid question.

I figured better to ask a stupid question than kill all me dinner guests. . .

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I put the wrong page in the link. This is the right one is on page 160 (you have to scroll to it)

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      Since she advises to taste carefully and adjust seasonings after pureed I sure would cook the breasts ...but it isn't explicit

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        That link doesn't allow me to get to page 160. I am guessing that the breasts are not cooked first. On Julia's shows, she typically sauteed a tablespoon of mixtures containing raw meat before tasting the sample for seasoning.

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          That's very helpful. . .in some other recipes in the book she does suggest throwing in some raw meat as a way to bind stuffing together, AND in recipes containing sausage she does explicitly say to saute the sausage, which does not occur in the recipe.

          I am leaning towards the meat being raw, that tidbit about the show is VERY helpful

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            Is this the same stuffing that Julie Powell's husband liked so much? Somewhere on the blog she mentions a duxelles stuffing although I thought it had cream cheese. I think it may also have been in the movie, where it falls onto the floor, causing "Julie" to have a crying jag. I don't have any of JC's cookbooks but lliked the idea of using that kind of stuffing not for a whole bird, but for breasts (in which case I'd use dark meat for the stuffing).

      2. I have that book. Yes, you use raw chicken and it will cook in the bird. Well, actually, under the bird. For that recipe she uses the semi-boned, butterflied bird and it is laid on top of the stuffing.

        As for tasting it, I cook a little bit up in a fry pan to taste, but there are lots of chefs out there who will just taste it raw.

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        1. re: Sooeygun

          I love this board. Thanks so much for the help

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            I've been doing this recipe for years and I always cook the chicken. But then I am very conservative with food safety. It's delicious with or without pre-cooking the chicken.

            The other addition I made is to add a box of regular commercial stuffing to it. I always liked the traditional bread based stuffing and mixing them together just made the traditional stuffing that much more delightful.

        2. The original comment has been removed