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Aug 25, 2009 09:32 AM

favorite Pumpkin beer

With Autumn fast approaching I was just wondering what everyone's favorite pumpkin beer is. This is not one of my favorite styles but a unique American style nontheless. I'm looking for suggestions as well. Thanks.

I like Southern TIer Pumking

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  1. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale or Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale are my top two favorites usually

    Im not a big fan of Post Road, I dont get alot of pumpkin flavor or spice.

    Ive never tried Southern Tier's Imperial Pumpking, i will have to find some of that for the upcoming season.

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    1. re: Asumnuthin

      Have you tried the 2009 Dogfish? I came to the beer board just to complain.

      The head almost evaprates instantly. There's a nice brown sugar pumpkin aroma ... they use real pumpkin in it. But the hoppy bitternes and almost cloying sugar sweetness are awful. There's a metallic finish to it. And the saddest thing is that though it smells of pumpkin, there's no pumpkin flavor.

      1. re: rworange

        I totally agree. The 2009 Punkin doesn't have pumpkin flavor at all. The metallic taste is really similar to the 2009 Aprihop metallic taste. I'm not sure what happen in 2009, but those 2 beers were huge disappointments.

        1. re: shellshock24

          Has anyone tried Belfast Bay McGovern's Oatmeal Stout and if so where can i buy it in MA?

        2. re: rworange

          agreed this years bottled punkin ale isn't what it was in the past - i also must say that i had it a few times this year in a bar and it was completely different (tasty, good, worth drinking) then what i received in the case i purchased - also at almost $50 for the case (PA) i was a little taken back!

      2. ST Pumpking is my favorite as well, with the exception of the 2007 Alpine Ichabod pumpkin beer, a one time release that was soured and aged in red wine barrels. That was most likely the best pumpkin beer ever.

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        1. re: juantanamera

          '07 Ichabod was amazing. Wish I still had a few bottles around. Do you know what style they're doing this year? I thought they may have said sour again but that may have been for something else.

          1. re: DougOLis

            Southern Tier is also my favorite. I find Dogfish head to taste more like a pumpkin, and less like pumpkin pie, which is what I'm after.
            For a suggestion, the Old Post Road is really good.

          2. re: juantanamera

            Wow..I definitely need to get my hands on the 2007 Ichabod. I wonder what base beer they are using this season? I checked the website but it didn't say.

            1. re: Diego Sanchez

              Doug and Diego,
              Sorry I can't shed any light on this year's Ichabod. Last time I was there I was so excited about Nelson (one of my all time favorites) that I didn't think to ask about Ichabod. I can only hope for a sour, as I like their track record. I thought Che Monieax was very good, and Briscoe and '07 Ichabod excellent.

          3. Two I tried last night from Ginger Man in NYC in the 4 beer flight,
            P.S. I preferred the weyerbacher, way more pumpkin on the nose and palate

            Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
            Brewed with 150 lbs. of pumpkin in each batch. Made with Pale, Munich and Crystal malts green and roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin in the mash, boil and fermenter. Bittered with Horizon hops. Spiced in conditioning with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger.

            Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale
            Commercial Description: Brewed with Pumpkin and Spices(Cinnamon,Nutmeg,Cardamom,Cloves). This 8.0% ABV pumpkin ale is heartier, spicier, and more caramelly and pumpkiny than its faint brethren! Perfect finisher on a cool autumn night.

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            1. re: Asumnuthin

              The Elysian Pumpkin is usually my favorite since it is based on a pale ale recipe with nice level of hop flavor and bitterness that plays well with the spices.

              But last year, New Belgium was brewing this for the shipments that made it to my local bar and it was a big disapointment as it didn't have the hop character that is normally did and contained a wee bit of diacetyl that was distracting to me. Hopefully, it comes back to its former glory this year.

              1. re: LStaff

                I'm drinking the 2009 Elysian Night Owl and would agree that it's the best out there. Brewed with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds and fermented with pie spices, it strikes just the right balance.

                The alcohol level is not overwhelming (5.9%), the malt has a nice pumpkin flavor and the spicing is very subtle.

                Too bad this beer is not more widely available, as it blows away some of the bigger names.

            2. My answer is NONE - pumpkin is for pie, NOT beer!!!

              I've tried Dogfish, and don't get why anyone would put pumpkin in beer. It's not like a raspberry lambic, where you just get the essence. Pumpkin beer is all about the pumpkin.

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              1. re: jeanmarieok

                Raspberry lambics are way more sweet and syrupy than any pumpkin beer. That said, they are still good when that's what you are in the mood for.

                1. re: Shaggy

                  I agree -- pumpkin is definitely one of the less cloying beer flavors out there. For some reason, it seems to go better with the flavor of beer than most fruits -- rich and spicy rather than sweet and obnoxious. I like the Post Road stuff myself.

                  I'm drinking Long Trail Blackberry Wheat ale right now. It's pretty okay. The blackberry flavor is almost what you'd get in a Blow Pop, but for some reason it's excellent when you're thirsty.

              2. I didn't like ST Pumking. I found it to be like liquid oatmeal cookies and vanilla wafers with some orange. Some may like that but I didn't. I found DFH's version to be quite restrained (oddly enough) and nearly perfectly balance. Finally I want more pumpkin taste versus a ginger snap taste in my pumpkin beers. Too many are all about the spice I think.


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                1. re: Chinon00

                  Thats because pumpkin doesnt have much of a taste to it once youve broken it down into a mush and boiled it to death. It becomes at best butternut squash light. Thats why most "pumpkin" beers are actually pumpkin PIE beers really. Because its the spices and flavors that we associate with pumpkins that dominate rather than the actual pumpkin. Which is why Ive never understood this pumpkin beer phenomenon too much. Frankly I think we should call these things "fall" beers because its more about the season to me than the vegetable ingredient. Like we do with Winter Warmers. Ive tried dozens of different pumpkin beers and never really been impressed with any. Pumpkin seems arbitrary to me. Why not make a broccoli beer or a zucchini beer? Why just pumpkin? Just because it sells well around Halloween?

                    1. re: Asumnuthin

                      Hmm... Well I propose we make a sweet potato beer then too with - lets see - cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, allspice, maybe a little vanilla and... oh wait... ;D

                      1. re: Insidious Rex

                        I got in some arguments over on BA when I challenged the common beer geek wisdom that "pumpkin beer" is some sort of long-lived traditional US beer style. (Did early colonist use pumpkin as an adjunct? Yeah, and they happily abandoned it as soon as barley malt became more readily available). The discussion brought up the memory that the creator of the modern "pumpkin (pie spiced) ale", "Buffalo" Bill Owens, actually didn't use ANY pumpkin, only the spice mix, after that initial experimental batch.

                        --page about half way down to "The True Story of the first Pumpkin Beer"

                        1. re: JessKidden

                          Hop bomb, malt bomb, spice bomb, whatever bomb I don't like. I want balance. And to me the desire of any "bomb" is the sign of a growing but underdeveloped palate.


                          1. re: Chinon00

                            >And to me the desire of any "bomb" is the sign of a growing but underdeveloped palate.

                            So I take it you are looking for a "balance bomb". ;-)

                            I totally disagree that a "desire for any "bomb"" as you describe it, is a sign of an underdeveloped palate, I know plenty of long time beer geeks - myself included - that have a great appreciation for many styles of beer, can differentiate between a well made beer and one that just packs in the most flavor possible, but PREFER a hop bomb over other styles.

                            1. re: LStaff

                              I meant a strong bias toward big beer and against smaller ones. I drink "big beers" and enjoy them. But it doesn't makeup the bulk of my beer consumption.

                        2. re: Insidious Rex

                          The Bruery does make a sweet potato beer called Autumn Maple.

                      2. re: Insidious Rex

                        I like the idea of pumpkin beer, but I only ever had one that was the beer I have been dreaming of where pumpkin and beer had a happy marriage and the flavor was autumn in a glass. It was a draft beer and the company prompty went out of business. Sob.