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Aug 25, 2009 09:28 AM

University & Queen Nieghbourhood.... Lunch, Nice but not over the top?? Need Help

Looking for a nice place to meet with my SO and have a weekday lunch. Patio if available but not an absolute. Food quality and flavour is the primary goal here. No hole in the walls but certainly not high end. Casual nice bistro type food and drinks. Great Sandwich or amazing salads, pizza, good french inspired type fare, great Indian food, exceptional burger......frittes... It's all good in any type of cuisine really as long as the food is good in a comfortable setting.

We can venture out within a 20 - 30 minute walk of University and Queen.

Thanks so much... Porto

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  1. I'd hit up the lovely patio at the Queen Mother Cafe.

    1. That neighborhood...patio...SO...I'll throw out the Queen Mum. The food is eclectic - do search the board for recommendations because they do some things well, and others...not so much. But I think it fits the atmosphere you're looking for.

      Queen Mother
      206 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z2, CA

      1. Hi Porto. That's my neighbourhood. There's the Queen Mother, already mentioned, and Tutti Matti is within 20-30 minutes of that location as well. It has a couple patio tables but they won't reserve ... first come, first served.

        You're near Baldwin Street which has a number of nice patios: e.g. Vegetarian Haven which I've heard is nice. John's Italian Caffe has a lovely patio - basic food, pretty fresh and very generous portions, (the panini are huge!).

        In the fall, I'd recommend Osgoode Hall, which is right on the northeast corner of that intersection.

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          Don't know about John's Italian's panini but their pizza is pathetic. Had one in the spring, a "small" 10-inch "pie" that I swear came on a cheap store-bought crust (No Frills? President's Choice?). Not much topping, cheap cheese. 16 bucks plus tax! Nice looking patio but that's it. The biggest tourist trap on Baldwin imho.

          1. re: ChalkBoy

            Yikes! I have never ordered the pizza - only the panini (smoked salmon) and once a lentil soup, which was nice and hearty. There was nothing noteworthy about the panini other than its size. It was big. And full of smoked salmon.

            It does have a nice looking patio!

            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              The back patio at Peter Pan on Queen is lovely. Very sheltered and tree canopied. Can't even tell you are on Queen Street. The food is decent....nothing over the top but good all the same.

        2. If you're willing to walk 20-30 minutes you could easily be at Le Select. Great patio, good food and wine, sounds like the kind of atmosphere you're seeking. Midi Bistro might be an OK lunch alternative too. It's by no means life changing, but it's a pretty bistro in the right neighbourhood. I also agree with other posters who have recommended the Queen Mum.

          1. ematei has homey cooked japanese food, there are lunch specials.

            trimurti has pretty decent food for indian.