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Aug 25, 2009 09:12 AM

Anyone else make soup in the winter that's super bad for you, but oh so tasty?

Personally, I make this potato soup that has like a pound of bacon in it (the bacon is boiled in with the potatoes, then fat removed), cheese soup, cream of celery soup, extra shredded cheese, cream cheese dissolved in it while cooking...
Soooo rich and good. I know, high calorie, bad for me, but one of my favorite foods to make. I think I'll make it with green onions sometime.
It's so rich that it gives you the 'itis when you eat it... by this I mean the inevitable food coma after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously, a bowl of this and you're ready to pass out.

Anyone else have a soup they like to make like this?:)

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  1. Potato and Parmesan soup. No bacon, but tons of butter, cream, potatoes, and of course parmesan. I usually top it off with truffle oil.

    1. I make an awesome clam chowder. Ditto a cream of mushroom soup. And a wild rice soup that I've since lost the recipe to.