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Dipping sauce with fried gator

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I am making fried gator chunks tonight and there are plenty of recipes for making them. but they all end with " serve with your favorite dipping sauce." Since I've never eaten gator, I have no idea what would be good. Plus I really don't serve dipping sauces, so I have no favorites. Some suggestions would be appreciated.

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    1. re: pattisue

      Okay - I'll bite -- what is sriracha and would I find it in Central Florida?

      1. re: eimac

        I just looked it up -- I've got thai chili paste with garlic -- would that do?
        Is the idea to combine sweet and hot?

        1. re: eimac

          Yes to the sweet and hot. I think thai chili paste would taste fine.

          I've made this sauce for dipping chicken tenders, and ya know, gator tastes ...

        2. re: eimac

          Eimac I live in Lake County-it's everywhere here, Super Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie. Look for the bottle with the rooster on it, over by the soy sauce. Even if you don't use it for gator, GET SOME it's really fantastic on lots of things...

      2. I'm not into dipping sauces either...Since you have never eaten fried alligator, I would keep any sauce very simple/basic so as not to mask the flavor of the meat...Maybe start with a simple cocktail/remoulade type and go from there...My guess is you want do much dipping anyway!


        1. Alligator is pretty neutral tasting. I, personally, wouldn't go with any sort of "creamy" sauce. The marmalade-hotsauce is very common here in FL. I also use Lizano, a Costa Rican/Latin sauce. I would think a Worchestershire-lemon-tomato sauce would be good with gator, too. Try teriyaki or tonkatsu sauce for an Asian flair.

          1. So how was the gator and what kind of sauce did you make?

            1. Guess I'm late but I would have used Thai chili sauce that's intended for poultry. It's been a while since I have had fried alligator, but in retrospect, this is what I would have used (at the time, I squirted lemon and Louisiana hot sauce on the pieces, which also worked just fine.)

              1. If you've never eaten gator you might like to have a variety of sauces to try. You can have a gator taste off.

                You should be able to get sriracha/crack sauce at Publix, although if there's an Asian grocery nearby, it will be cheaper there. While you are there get some of the pre-made Vietnamese dipping sauce with the pepper flakes in it.

                Every time I have eaten gator it was chewey and fatty and vaguely reptilian tasting. As someone who has spent years with reptiles in the house, I don't find them appetizing. I'll eat pretty much anything, but I'll feed these guys to each other before I'll eat them.

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                1. re: BeaN

                  I only had it once since we moved to Florida, it was deep fried chunks of gristle. I thought it was maybe just the place we went to (which died and was taken over by a bbbq-style place). This had zero reptile flavor, and I think the dipping sauce was Ranch. I've never felt like trying it again.

                  1. re: Boccone Dolce

                    yeah - fatty fried gristle sounds about true to my experiences with gator. For the price (and fat content) there are MANY more things I would prefer to eat. Just about anything, in fact.

                    There were some chefs braising gator legs in NOLA when we lived there but I never got around to trying it.

                2. Chipotle mayo.
                  Ranch dressing (especially if you spice it up a bit).
                  I do like the Sriracha/Marmalade idea too.

                  Gator tastes pretty good on it's own but it needs stuff to be great. A good breading and a good dipping sauce can make it an interesting and excellent appetizer.


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                  1. re: Davwud

                    I have similar tastes to you. I like the spicy and creamy remoulades and chipotle mayos with gator. I've had it with a red pepper coulis and I think raspberries as well which worked surprisingly well.

                    1. re: Davwud

                      I was thinking a chipotle aioli too.

                    2. boy do i love fried gator - especially in my wetsuit at the 'lone cabbage fish camp' right after jetskiing in central florida swamp at low tide and skimming over the gators themselves with their little evil eyes sticking up out of the water :)
                      go simple and base! squeeze of lemon, tartar sauce or similar. think cruddy old fish shack with lots of cheap beer.