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Aug 25, 2009 09:06 AM

Dipping sauce with fried gator

I am making fried gator chunks tonight and there are plenty of recipes for making them. but they all end with " serve with your favorite dipping sauce." Since I've never eaten gator, I have no idea what would be good. Plus I really don't serve dipping sauces, so I have no favorites. Some suggestions would be appreciated.

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    1. re: pattisue

      Okay - I'll bite -- what is sriracha and would I find it in Central Florida?

      1. re: eimac

        I just looked it up -- I've got thai chili paste with garlic -- would that do?
        Is the idea to combine sweet and hot?

        1. re: eimac

          Yes to the sweet and hot. I think thai chili paste would taste fine.

          I've made this sauce for dipping chicken tenders, and ya know, gator tastes ...

        2. re: eimac

          Eimac I live in Lake County-it's everywhere here, Super Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie. Look for the bottle with the rooster on it, over by the soy sauce. Even if you don't use it for gator, GET SOME it's really fantastic on lots of things...

      2. I'm not into dipping sauces either...Since you have never eaten fried alligator, I would keep any sauce very simple/basic so as not to mask the flavor of the meat...Maybe start with a simple cocktail/remoulade type and go from there...My guess is you want do much dipping anyway!


        1. Alligator is pretty neutral tasting. I, personally, wouldn't go with any sort of "creamy" sauce. The marmalade-hotsauce is very common here in FL. I also use Lizano, a Costa Rican/Latin sauce. I would think a Worchestershire-lemon-tomato sauce would be good with gator, too. Try teriyaki or tonkatsu sauce for an Asian flair.

          1. So how was the gator and what kind of sauce did you make?

            1. Guess I'm late but I would have used Thai chili sauce that's intended for poultry. It's been a while since I have had fried alligator, but in retrospect, this is what I would have used (at the time, I squirted lemon and Louisiana hot sauce on the pieces, which also worked just fine.)