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Aug 25, 2009 08:30 AM

Gauntlet has been thrown down!! Need Dinner Suggestion

A have a guest in town from Sao Paolo. He has been in town many times before and always disappointed with the restaurants. He wanted good pizza so I took him to Terroni and he felt it wasn't as good as the worst delivery pizza he can get in Sao Paolo. I have taken him to Chiado and he liked that but I want to take him somewhere different.

I have to take him out Wednesday for dinner, he asked for anything but Italian or Steakhouse, as he can eat that in Sao Paolo.

I was thinking of Nota Bene or Black Hoof.

Any ideas on something that does Toronto proud?

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  1. I think The Hoof is your best bet, but I think it's closed for another few weeks yet... please do check though. I'm going on twitter posts and other bits of info floating around.

    Nota Bene is good, Splendido is good.

    JKWB maybe? Local foodstuffs would make it so he wouldn't likely have it in Sao Paolo... I think!

    Take him (and 8 others) for a full Chinese banquet. Casa Imperial is nice. Expensive, but nice. Or Lai Wah Heen. Even more $$$

    Take him for Korean food. I love Korean cold noodle! If you're up north, I rec. Cho Sun Ok. Avoid Korean places in general if you both don't like spicy though. While they have non-spicy options, it's like Jap Chae and Kalbi and Mandu and then you're tapped.

    --- -- food. is. love.

    1. How about Torito, North 44 or La Palette ?

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        I looked at the Torito menu and that is probably something he would like

      2. Ever been to Amuse Bouche on Tecumseth?

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          Haven't tried but the menu looks good. Looks like it focuses on local ingredients

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Does it need to be fancy, or just tasty?

            What about a really good roti? There are, of course, many debates on this board about where to get the best one is, but it maybe the kind of thing he wouldn't get in Sao Paolo. My favourite in town has always been Island Foods.

            Or, what about Indian? Again, debates rage over the best one to choose from, a search of the board will tell you about options close to where you want to be I'm sure. I generally like to wander through little India and take my chances mostly.

            Sushi perhaps? Omi on Carlton is a nice place to bring someone, and it would fit into the 'slightly fancy' category, unlike the other two suggestions I've made.