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stupid/cool/purple idea

  • Soop Aug 25, 2009 08:29 AM
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I was reading this http://www.chow.com/stories/11811/2
And I never knew there were purple peppers!

I have an idea for a purple salad, with red onion, purple pepper and purple leaf (not sure which one).
What else purple could go in there that would taste good? Beetroot is an obvious one, but I hate the taste.

Or if anyone has any other colour schemes (rainbow?) post up your ideas!

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  1. you could add some chopped purple basil, and of course a dressing made with dark red wine vinegar -- and maybe some Concord grapes (or black seedless) in the mix.

    1. I did something similar a year ago with red leaf lettuce, a purple tomato, red grapes, and red onion. Dressed with pomegranate vinegar vinaigrette. Very pretty and tasty.

      Chopped prunes for sweetness, or Italian plums. There are some heirloom tomatoes that are a brownich/purplish/maroon color. Purple cabbage. Just so you know and aren't disappointed - if you freeze your leftover purple peppers they will turn green.

      1. I too was going to suggest purple basil and purple tomatoes! I've seen purple carrots too, I think the sweetness would be welcome. Also, awhile back I ran across purple potatoes, which were rather waxy and sweet and may somehow work in there, or on the side.

        1. purple carrots!

          1. If you can find them, there's purple potatoes that you can roast and add into the salad.

            1. You could also have purple beans and purple asparagus, but like the peppers, if you cook them they will turn green. Violets are edible too.

              1. Sometimes you can find purple cauliflower too!


                1. Great ideas! Also, olives!
                  I'm seeing this now. The red wine vinegarette is a good idea.