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Aug 25, 2009 08:22 AM

where can I find some shark steaks?

The title says it all. If anybody has seen them around the Boston area, would love to know where. Thanks

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  1. I'm hoping for good things from this thread. I've been looking for years. I've found shark exactly twice in Boston in 12+ years... once at the craptacular Star out near the JFK T-stop and once at New Deal. The guys at New Deal keep telling me that they get shark all the time, year round, and that I'm just unlucky. I'm skeptical.

    1. Market Basket has fresh Mako shark steaks on sale this week for $5.99 a pound.

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        Somerville MB has shark every once in a while. If you do not see it on display you could always ask the folks at the deli, which is right next to the seafood section. Have purchased MB shark couple of times and in all occasions was cheap and good (at least when curried Goan style - spicy and tasty but hard to overwhelm the shark taste and texture).

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          sorry, but if you're needing to "overwhelm" the shark taste with curry, it's not fresh fish.

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            Shark tends to have a powerful taste and distinctive texture, even when freshly caught. I was merely describing the particular dish I like to prepare from it.

            Thanks, also, for the useful link. I am not sure the depletion of shark, or for that matter its high mercury content, is the reason it is not widely available. These are true to different degrees of swordfish, monkfish, grouper and some salmon and tuna varieties, all of which are easy to find. I suspect it has more to do with low demand than depleted supply. This is not to deny that many species of shark are severely threatened (though this, too, is often debated).

      2. I see them quite frequently at the Savenor's in Cambridge.

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          Really? I'm there all the time, but I admit that I rarely go to the fish counter. Hmm...


          worldwide shark stock is severely depleted, which is why you don't see it.

          check the above link for substitutions.

          1. I saw mako shark yesterday at Sudbury Farms fish counter in Needham.