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Aug 25, 2009 08:22 AM

Hong Kong: Best mid-range priced restaurants on HK Island?

I seem to be always stuck with this dilemma in HK (I live on HK Island side). I can always find really good cheap food or really good food that will cost me an arm and a leg. Open Rice does a decent job but my Chinese (reading wise) is only decent so it takes me quite a while to plow through the reviews.

So why would I look for mid-range restaurants you may ask? Well, sometimes I go out with a bunch of friends (mostly foreign/ABCs) after work and are looking for yummy food in a better environment than most super cheap places. Just some place with delicious food, not too noisy and can enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold beer along with my meal. Suggested price is about $150-300 (not including wine/alcohol). Based on their palette I would say non-traditional Chinese food is preferred. I personally prefer Japanese/Korean/Italian/Spanish/Thai/Indian but I'm open to all suggestions. As long as it tastes good I am game.

Can you CHer's help me out? Thanks!

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  1. For budget less than HK$300pp, I like Da Ping Huo, a Si chuan private kitchen, but that is if you or your party can take spicy food. Another one I like for that budget is Sang Kee Seafood at Wanchai (restrict orders to the usual dishes) but the ambiance is very local, not sure if your ABC friends know how to appreciate it.

    1. Wah BAK - there are so many places on the island for this price range!

      Korean - I really like Korea Garden, 247 Des Voeux Road, on the first floor
      Peking Garden, Alexandra House - if you are in a group you can definitely get away with under $300 a head.
      San Xi Lou - Sichuan, on 7th floor Coda Plaza
      Habibi Cafe (not restaurant) Egyptian on Wellington Street
      Double Happiness - Homestyle, mainland food on Staunton Street - great value for money in Soho
      Khana Khazana - on Jaffe Road in Wanchai, great, veggie Indian

      That's all I can think of quickly off the top of my head...

      1. la terrasse, old bailey street/mid levels, is at the high-end of your price range but well worth the little extra. very decent french food and wine. very informal setting. feel free to get a little raucous if dining outside.

        1. I think Lot 10 on Gough St (Noho) sounds exactly like what you are looking for. Its a small place, quiet and the food is just fantastic but very reasonably priced. I believe its French Mediterranean cuisine and we particularly enjoyed the foie gras pate, artichoke salad, an amazingly fresh salt-crusted fish and the roast beef was the perfect combination of melt-in your mouth fat and tenderness. The chef used to cook at Zuma. All dishes came family style to share. Its perfect for groups and a real little find - the kind of places you stumble across all the time in NY but less so in HK.