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Aug 25, 2009 08:09 AM

Drinkabe coffee on the Montreal South Shore ?

I'm not going to be picky and compare to Myriade downtown or anything like that.

Simply looking for a palatable cappuccino on the south shore (brossard, st. hubert, st lambert etc..).

Does such a thing exist ?

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  1. Very hard to find--the best is the cheezy shop in Saint called that...let me go find it.

    ok-here is a link:

    It's not the best espresso but passable and they know how to make it. It also doesn't hurt that it's the cutest/coolest/"chillest" place on the shore.

    On Tachereau your options are none but there is a Premier Moisson on Lapiniere which makes a decent allonge. My suggestion is to find a Vietnamese resto and order a hot coffee with condensed milk. Let me know if you discover something...

    1. This might be a bit out your way, and I haven't been myself, but this place in St-Bruno got a good review from Marie-Claude Lortie in La Presse. Make of it what you will.

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        I enjoy the coffee at Caffellini, and the staff is always very nice and courteous.

      2. Brulerie Café Crème on Boul. Roland Therrien in Longueuil pulls a pretty good espresso, and as a result the cappucinos, macciatos, etc. are quite good. The owner is a coffee fanatic, but he's rarely there. Most of the time it's run by his wife and kids, who he seems to have trained reasonably well.

        Their own web site is down at the moment (, but you can get the coordinates here:

        1. Caffellini in St.Bruno or Bar à chocolat Geneviève Grandbois in Dix-30. And to put extra chances on your side, just say something like: "Is it true that you guys make great coffee and really know how to operate that espresso machine ?" Chances are if there is a fine barista in the place, he/she will take care of your coffee.