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Aug 25, 2009 06:45 AM

Central (Hong Kong) foodie trip for a group of 6-10 people

I have a handful of friends coming in from overseas and I was thinking about showing them a few good places to eat. Cost wise I want to keep it reasonable (say $200 or under each for our little trip). Basically my plan is to hit up 2-3 places in the span of 2 hours that are relatively close (walking distance wise) to each other and serve yummy food that represents HK well. Environment wise ideally the main place shouldn't be too cramped (since there's 6-10 of us).

I thought Central was a good place to start since there are a handful of spots I would recommend. For example:

Dim Sum w/ roast goose at Yung Kee
Egg Tarts at Tai Cheong

I'm kind of missing a place for something cold/refreshing (either dessert or yummy drinks) to wrap up the afternoon. Any suggestions?

Luk Yu Tea House (陸羽茶室) would also be a decent choice since it is relatively close by. Mak's Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家) would also be good but I'm not sure it's the best place for a group. Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) is a decent choice I I think we'd have trouble sitting together and it might be a little chaotic being the only Chinese speaker getting food for everyone.

So what other suggestions do you guys have? Thanks!

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  1. For that budget seeking comfort food, I would suggest Wanchai instead. Maybe you can read a past thread for reference:

    1. I wouldn't really recommend Luk Yu for your group - it's smallish and will also stretch your budget quite a bit.

      Mak's Noodles?! That place is a cubby hole - some of your group would probably have to stand outside & you all take turns going in for a seat and a quick slurp of noodles. Ha-ha!

      You're spot on with Yung Kee and Lin Heung. What Fourseasons recommend is quite true, Wanchai, or perhaps Causeway Bay & Tsimshatsui would be just as much fun, for a fraction of what you'll pay in Central.

      1. Are you only looking for HK food? If you want to stick to your Central plan you could carry on down Wellington Street after Yung Kee to pick up some Vietnamese snacks at Nha Trang then some Beijing noodles and dumplings at Wang Fu.

        You can then divert up Aberdeen Street to Gough Street and go to Kau Kee for beef soup noodles (if you hit it outside lunchtime you should have room to all sit), then walk back up to Tai Cheong via the wet market in Gage Street. That way there's lots of things to look at along the way!