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Aug 25, 2009 06:32 AM

Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot

The other day I noticed the Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot opened in Brossard's little chinese mall. Anyone went there yet? Is it good (saw good reviews of the one in Montreal)? Is the buffet worth it or should I order "à la carte" (I have a good appetite)?

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  1. What sort of à la carte items does the Brossard Little Sheep have? The one in Chinatown is just all you can eat hot pot. I read somewhere that the Chinese locations do not offer all you can eat and have set menus to choose from. Is this the case at the Brossard location?

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      I didn't spend lots of time examining the menu, but it seems it was mostly the broth the meat cooks in at various prices (2-4$). I saw no meat on the meny so I might have misinterpreted it as something "à la carte".

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        Hm, the Brossard Little Sheep is still a "mange volonté“ buffet. To me, its environment is better than the China town one. And the price and service are the same.

    2. I went to the Brossard location this past wknd ... And from what I remembered in the past, the Chinatown location had a better choice of selection. Then again, I went 2 years ago when it first opened. I found the Brossard location quite busy, maybe that's the reason for the lack of "items".

      Both location is all you can eat, it's the soup broth that you need to pay for. I still prefer the Chinatown location because it seemed like they had more smaller tables where each guest can have their own pot, whereas the Brossard one is more targeted for smaller to large family groups.

      I went with a friend and we were given a 4 person table right under the AC. We got the half spicy/half non spicy pot, which is also called the affectionate couple;s broth.

      Make sure to ask for the table that ISN'T located under the AC vent. We're unsure if it's the food or the cold AC, but we both got stomach problems that night.