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Aug 25, 2009 05:59 AM

40th Birthday Dinner in Paris -- Where to Go?

hello everyone,
we're headed to paris to celebrate a 40th birthday and want restaurant recs on where to have the actual b'day dinner. it's just my partner and me, so ideal sitch would be:
- good for dinner for two
- pretty, nice atmosphere, not too loud
- delish food, of course
- not too expensive (we're wiling to drop some $$, of course, but can't go super high-end
suggestions appreciated! merci bien!

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  1. To get the most suitable answers, you'd need to give some price range, please.
    Not too expensive means what exactly for you??

    Also, what day of the week is that b'day dinner planned? Some places are closed on Sat, Sun or Mon.

    1. thanks, Dodo! i'd like to spend no more than 100 euros (around $150) total for 2 people, including wine.

      and the dinner will be on a wednesday night. in le marais (where we're staying) would be lovely, but we are more than willing to walk or hop on the metro for a good/memorable meal!

      merci for any/all ideas!

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      1. re: Miss Bug

        Well, with some 50€ incl. wine for dinner per head, you won't go that far, unfortunately.
        Have a look at the Bistrot de l'Oulette (formerly Baracane) near Bastille. You get an idea about the prices. 3 course dinner is some 33€ without beverages.

        1. re: Miss Bug

          Ma Bourgogne would do: typical, traditional, very good, spectacular location. After dinner, walk to Place du marché Sainte Catherine for an extraordinary icecream from le Bar à Glaces.

        2. With all due respect, I'd suggest a great lunch at 1/3rd the price at any of a dozen places; then some Bellota-Bellota, Brie de Melun and wonderful peaches with a bottleof at the hotel.

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          1. re: John Talbott

            As some others have intimated, 100 Euros total for a good 40th birthday dinner is not impossible, but may be a bit difficult, depending on what you expect. The two places I’ll recommend below will run about 115-120 Euros – but less if you have no aperitifs:

            In the Marais, I’m thinking of Le Pamphlet. This is a stylish and friendly place for contemporary Basque-inspired dining. In June 2009 we were in, and enjoyed, the small room to the left of the front door (where there are four tables, seating ten). We each ordered the 35 euro menu -- a deal, considering the high quality of cooking. With aperitifs, a bottle of wine, sparking water, and coffee for one, the bill came to 130 Euros (this was immediately prior to the VAT reduction of July 2009; the bill may be about Euros 10 lower now). 38, rue Debelleyme (3rd arrondissement). Métro: Filles-du-Calvaire. Tel. (Apparently there is no Web site.)

            On the other side of the Marais (in the 4eme), you might consider Le Gaigne, where we also dined in June 2009. Mickaël Gaignon, the young chef with an impressive cooking resume (see the restaurant’s web site: ), produces edgy and contemporary dishes in this tiny bistro (some might call it a "Bistronomique," but I won’t get into that debate). His wife serves. The titles for each dish are simple -- for example, to start, “Le Petit Pois” turned out to be a chilled sweet pea velouté (a velvety cream sauce made with stock, flour and butter), mackerel tartar and chorizo chips -- wow! We loved this place, and we are not alone. Mark Bittman of the New York Times followed our lead(!) and listed it as his favorite of four highlighted "evolving style" bistros. This will make it imporant to reserve for the next few months . . . . 12, rue Pecquay (4th arrondissement). Métro: Rambuteau. Tel.

            Happy 40th!

            --Jake Dear (http://parisandbeyondinfrance.blogspo... )

            1. re: John Talbott

              I'm with John -- you can have great lunch for the price of decent dinner, and you can have extraordinary ingredients in your hotel room. But everyone has their demands when it comes to celebration.

            2. I saw this post and had to reply. My parnter and I are celebrating my 40th in Marais too! My birthday is the 27th, and we are also looking for good places to celebrate. We'll keep you posted as our search continues