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Aug 25, 2009 04:43 AM

Seeking recommendation for a solo foodie tonight in Boston

So ....tonight I am bachelor-ing it in boston!!! No restaurant out of reach, but must be solo-friendly. I looked at O-Ya and Oishi - but they seem (at least to my humble self) somewhat over-the top. I prefer more down-to earth meals but ...exceptionally done.

Any recs?

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  1. Can you include some details re: neighborhood and type of cuisine? In meanwhile here is a link to a recent Boston Globe article on solo dining in Boston:

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      Thanks for the link. I am open to any good food/drink -and anywhere within reasonable taxicab distance of downtown Boston would be great. Right now someone recommended dining at Dali - and that is a good one. Any others?

      1. re: cornFusion

        Can't even picture a bar at Dali and seems kind of out of the way when you really don't have to do that. The other bars mentioned are all good. Also in the North End, Lucca has a good bar, Spire in the Nine Zero hotel downtown, Davio's by the Park Plaza. Hamersley's and Aquitaine in the south end have small bars and Coda on Columbus Ave. for more casual, behind the Prudential.

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          There is a bar to the right as you enter Dali but it is a mob scene if the restaurant is crowded and not terribly comfortable and I always think Dali is better with more people to order more things to share and taste . When my Husband is out of toen I have often made my way over to Central Sq to Rendezvous to be a solo at the bar. Excellent cocktails and a delicious green market menu But if I could snag a seat at the bar at O Ya for my one night in Boston there is no way i would walk away from that

          1. re: capeanne

            *love* the bar and food at Rendezvous. Friendly, delicious, comforting. Great rec

        2. re: cornFusion

          I see you've made your (nice) choices, but for the good of the board: I used to stop by Dali regularly by myself for dinner at the bar when they opened at 5:30, and enjoyed myself most every time. They knew me, knew my likes and dislikes, and often introduced me to new wines/spirits I liked a lot. After a year or so, I'd memorized the menu and stopped going.

      2. Prezza has a great bar and is very solo friendly. My choice would be the paella, but it's hard to go wrong with any dish there. Neptune Oyster is also a good spot, nice bar, great fried clams, oysters of course, or maybe a lobster roll.

        1. If it were me at the high end, Craigie on Main (Cambridge) for the tasting menu and the low end Rincon Limeno (East Boston) for ceviche and the fried seafood platter. I haven't been to either but drool from the descriptions here. For places I've been recently, Shiki (Coolidge Corner) and Grotto (Boston).

          1. If dining alone I usually require a nice bar to eat at....

            O Ya would be on my list for sure, it's over the top but friendly and comfortable, though there's no real interaction with the chefs behind the counter.
            No. 9 Park, Uni, both high end and have great bars to sit at as well, and they do have friendly staff you can talk to if you wish. Toro could be a good option, Craigie on Main, ESK, Neptune, Butcher Shop, Franklin

            1. I have taken more than my share of solo business trips and, therefore, solo dinners. Personally, sometimes I am in the mood for fine dining but more often than not, I use the opportunity to enjoy something that my regular dining companions might not. So off I might go in search of something really spicy, or involving less-familiar ingredients, or just plain far outside the usual range of American tastes. So this is not a specific recommendation, but more of a question - which appeals more to you, a meal that is excellent in every way (plenty of options have already been suggested) or the kind of meal that you would not get to enjoy with your usual dining companion(s)?

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                My "usual dining companions" are all over the culinary map - as am I, and totally uninhibited as far as gourmandism is concerned.... so I am actually open to anything. My research on some of the recommendations give me pause - especially if there are some negatives spouted. So i am quite hesitant to go, for example, to Craigie on Main. Mind you if the food was outstanding and the service so-so, I can overlook it. However, I am one who believes that you go out (and not cook a superb meal for yourself) for the "total experience" - so if the service is not ignorable, the fun could be ruined.