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Aug 24, 2009 01:27 PM

Fig Cafe, Glen Ellen [Split from Napa Valley thread]

I ate at the Fig Cafe and Wine Bar (Glen Ellen outpost of the Girl and the Fig) and had a great meal. It's a funny place because they court the locals with a zero-corkage policy, and have great hamburgers. It seemed like 2/3 of the people were locals with vacation houses taking their guests, and 1/3 were flat-out tourists like us. I saw a huge number of hamburgers out at every table. We had an excellent mussel dish, cheese plate with some housemade sausage, their signature salad, and a super good pasta dish that was clearly fresh-made. I didn't notice anyone else ordering as much from the breadth of the menu, although I couldn't see every last table.

I had the sense that we simply lucked on in ordering.

The place was a little loud. Kids were welcomed (several 5 to 8 year olds, several strollers). But the food was flat-out great.

Since I don't dine in that area much I can't compare to the other more usual recs, but we thought Fig Cafe a great little gem --- and straight-up glen ellen, no reason to go to Sonoma. Casual but excellent, we ate there after a friday drive from the bay area when we didn't want to go all the way to sonoma. We were also shocked at the low price - girlfriend was somewhat agape - we were out the door for $70 with tip, I think - we normally pay quite a bit more for the same quality.

Yes, I know the original thread was Napa but not Sonoma, but I didn't think my note warranted a whole new thread - and I'm tired of searching for a more appropriate thread.

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  1. Glenn Ellen seems under=reported on this board in geneal.

    Fig Cafe
    13690 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

    1. Fig Cafe is one of our (local) standbys. It's nice to have a place that doesn't need reservations at the height of tourist season, and it's just enough off the beaten path that you can usually get a table. Dinner is usually good, brunch is great. It doesn't get recommended much, just because it is outside of the usual tourist areas, and I don't tend to think of it as a "destination" restaurant, it's a neighborhood place.