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Aug 25, 2009 04:08 AM

Rate These Restaurants

I don't want to do highjack other threads, so I've created my own. I'm also going to be a first-time visitor to New Orleans in late September for 3 days/4 nights. I'm thinking about the following restaurants:


Cafe du Monde
Cafe Beignet
Cafe Fleur de Lis


Emeril's - 3 Courses in 30 Minutes For $19.50
New Orleans School of Cooking
Cochon Restaurant


Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro
Acme Oyster House
Bubba Gump Shrimp

Are any of these restaurants better for lunch than dinner, or vice versa? Which one should I get a Po-Boy from? Seafood Gumbo? Muffuletta?


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  1. Breakfast:

    Cafe du Monde and Cafe Beignet are essentially the same thing, so you will want to pick one or the other. I would recommend Cafe du Monde. A few other good breakfast spots are The Ruby Slipper Cafe (just down Canal), or Elizabeth's (Great Brunch) EAT in the Quarter has a good breakfast/brunch, but not a huge fan on their dinner menu).

    Emeril's and Cochon are both great lunch options, with my favorite being Cochon. You may want to add Parkway Bakery and Tavern to your lunch time plans for an awesome po boy. Depending on where you are staying you will have to take a very short cab ride, but their fried oyster/any po boy is well worth it. You can also try Napoleon House for a hot muffaletta or Central Grocery for a "cold one" (Muff not beer) Napoleon House has pretty good seafood gumbo as well.

    I will have to rule out all of your dinner choices. Bubba Gump's is everywhere in the USA and a very "touristy" spot so I would tend to steer you FAR away from there. You will get better choices at a better price at any/most local establishments. Copelands is also a no in my book. The cuisine is slipping, service not too great, and is an overall no iMHO. The best thing the Copeland's have done is Popeye's. Some people really like it and again this is only my opinion. Acme is fine, but I would suggest trying Casamento's on Magazine STreet for the best oysters. They are closed June through September as this is not the best time for oysters. The menu focuses heavily on oysters and seafood and is one of my favorite (and reasonably priced) places to dine for a casual meal. I am not sure when they open up for the "season" and believe it is mid September. If you will be in town prior to this, I would try Felix's oysters instead of Acme. Another good dinner option is Mandina's just down Canal. Like Parkway and the Ruby Slipper, it is easily accessible from the streetcar. They serve Creole/Italian comfort food and offer a daily special. Their turtle soup and seafood gumbo are very good for a restaurant of this price point. They are cash only, but there is an ATM on site. Best of look and let us know where you decided to go and what you thought.

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      I agree with ScarlettNola about the first two choice of places to eat, breakfast and lunch, but Copeland Cheese cake Bistro. I would pass on that one along with Bubba Gumps. Acme oyster, my first stop when I arrive in NOLA for lunch at the oyster bar.

      We try eating at the Trolley Stop, but we got there late, they were closed. We end up eating at Copeland Cheese cake bistro, it was late in the afternoon, the lunch crowd was pretty much gone, we wait over 45 mins for our lunches, the manager end up comp our lunches. Enjoy your visit to NOLA

      1. re: ScarlettNola

        Huge NO on all of your dinner choices.

      2. You will happy with any of your breakfast and lunch choices and NONE of your dinner choices.

        You would be much happier to shy away from the franchise restaurants for dinner. If this is your first visit, i would highly recommend trying something more local and unique.

        1. We've been to Emeril's many times for lunch. It is IMO the best dining value in NOLA. They also offer an ala carte menu with some very good choices. Don't miss the smoked exotic mushrooms on angel hair or the daily oyster prep (both are apps). I would not choose any of your dinner options. Rest. will still be running their COOLinary menus so give them a look. OR: Cuvee and August do not appear on the list but also offer COOLinary specials. They are among our finest. Pick up a muff from Central Grocery for the way home. They keep/travel well. Johnny's po boys in FQ are very good. Try Felix's for oysters 1/2 shell at the bar. Wash them down with an Abita Amber.

          1. I say Cafe Du Monde for breakfast. Then do Emeril's for lunch (better value than dinner) and do Cochon for dinner. Cochon is typically more of a lunch spot because it is on the casual side, but it's worth eating there at any time and way, way better than your dinner choices. Or if you are looking for the casual spot to be lunch, do Cochon lunch and Emeril's dinner. Or as the last commenter noted, check out the COOLinary deals going on at various restaurants.

            As for po-boys, I would say catch a cab (or drive if you can) to Parkway Bakery.

            1. Other options

              Commander's Palace
              Mr B's Bistro
              Central Grocery
              Joey K's

              Pelican Club
              Napoleon House