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Aug 25, 2009 02:15 AM

Making my own wedding cake

I am planning to make my own wedding cakes, in the form of 1 cup mini bundt cakes (
I have got the moulds, so all I need now is a good recipe. One of my very favourite recipes is the apple spice cake ( However, because I have to make about 80 of these (!), I need to be able to make them in advance and freeze them, but I am not sure this will freeze well because of the moisture in the apples.
Can anyone please give me advise or suggest a good recipe that will freeze well and also is easy to make in bulk?


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  1. you can try to look for a bundt cake recipe which you can either glaze or soak in liquids. the little cakes are cute (i admire your courage) but smaller cakes dries much faster than larger ones.

    I liked this lemon cake:

    or this cream cheese lb cake:

    tell us how this turned out! =)

    1. elin, first of all, best wishes to you and your fiance. That's wonderful.

      I probably have some recipes I can share, but I wanted to ask you first...would you consider doing maybe two or three kinds of cake? I've asked because when I attend weddings I always think it's a smart idea when a (traditional) cake has either alternating tiers or layers of vanilla and chocolate (or whatever) cakes, to accommodate guests' preferences. It seems like this would be something that would go well with your idea of individual bundt cakes. (I think that a really charming idea, btw; I'll bet your guests will love it.) So you could do something like the apple spice cake you like (because the bride should have what she wants for her wedding cake!), your fiance's favorite (because the groom should have he wants for his wedding cake!) and maybe one other choice with general appeal...

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        I think this is a great idea. If you're already doing individual cakes, why not give it a little more variety and add in a traditional flavor. The apple sounds lovely, but I'd imagine it wouldn't appeal to everyone, especially if you add nuts to the recipe. The cream cheese poundcake jeniyo posted looks like it would be fairly traditional if you add a sugar icing but still retain some moisture.

        1. We had a woman just starting a home baking business make the Apricot and Almond Wedding Cake from the Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook for us. It looked a mess (she had no artistic skills), but it tasted divine. It was the single best cake I have ever eaten. We grabbed the leftovers for our Honeymoon evening and fed it to each other. The best night of my life. Not only due to the cake, of course. But I still remember that cake and drool.

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          1. re: TerryG

            I woke up in the middle of the night, and I'm famished. That cake sounds *so* good right now. It also seems really wedding-y, for some reason...apricot and almond. Yum.

          2. Folks,

            thank you so much for your responses (and well wishes!). I think it's a great idea to make my favourite and the grooms favourite and one more. Apricot and almond sounds really fresh and interesting.
            I'm thinking perhaps make a couple of large bundt cakes and the rest in the mini version as I otherwise might go insane. LOL
            It's gonna be fun experimenting, though. I'll keep you posted!!

            Thanks again,


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            1. re: elinb

              I highly recommend pound cake- they freeze VERY well & a single cake can easily serve 16-20 people. You can make several flavors- lemon, sour cream, chocolate, blueberry, spice. The denseness of the cake lends very well to freezing. If you are going to glaze them, wait until they are defrosted. Or a nice powdered sugar dusting will look nice (and is super easy).


              1. re: tall sarah

                Thank you so much Sarah! I am thinking one of the cakes should be a lemon-blueberry pound cake. And I agree, a powdered sugar dusting is easy and can be done on the day.

                Thank you for your input, much appreciated!