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Aug 25, 2009 12:20 AM

Blair's or Palate for Tomorrow Night?

I have eaten at Blair's but not in a year or so. I have not eaten at Palate. It is kind of a date. Any thoughts?

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  1. We haven't been to Blair's in a while, but we love Palate.

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    1. re: JPomer

      Beware, Gary Menes is no longer head chef at Palate, fwiw, as he is readying his own restaurant in Sherman Oaks to open around Sept. 3, in theory to be called Marche in the former Max restaurant space. How that may change the dynamics at Palate is hard to tell at this early stage.

      1. re: carter

        Still, Blair's is not even in the same league. Unless you don't have a car or access to public transportation and Blair's is within spitting distance, then it shouldn't even be close.

      2. re: JPomer

        The food is better at Palate, but you will have a better date at Blair's. Much more intimate and the food is still enjoyable.

        1. re: Matt Esq.

          Agree regarding the intimacy of Blair's and the menu is also more conventional, meaning less consternation over what you might want to eat - just a better date environment all the way around, with good food as well.

      3. I have been to Palate three times and have been amazed every time. The owner, Mr. Beccera, is a wonderful chef and the restaurant is all his inspiration. I'm sure that even with the head chef gone the restaurant will still satisfy!