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Aug 25, 2009 12:09 AM

what to do with GIANT MARSHMALLOWS?!?!???

ok, so i was in stater bros. grocery store today and walked past these GIANT marshmallows. they're probably two or three times the size of the regular large ones that you'd put on a s'more. because i'm hosting a baby shower this weekend and because they were pink and white, i grabbed them and thought, "i'll come up with something to do with them later." because who could resist GIANT pink and white marshmallows??? well, not me apparently. anyway, i STILL don't have any good ideas and there aren't any on martha stewart or real simple or any of my other google searches. please help!!

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  1. Decorate with them? Skewer them and create bouquets. Hang them from the ceiling with fish line. String them up and play How many marshmallows in diameter is the mother to be. :p

    1. Float them in a giant bowlmug of hot chocolate.

      Make a grilled fluffernutter sandwich: spread a slice of bread with peanut butter, top with marshmallow and another slice of PB'd bread. Cook on a buttered griddle or skillet on both sides until golden and marshmallow is slightly melted.

      Plop it on a big baked sweet potato.

      You can always just toast it carefully and eat.

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        Use wire as armature to make marsmallow babies.
        Float them, but be sure to add butt cracks with marker. Or just use toothpick and stick two together. Then they could be anything... I can see them connected to make a baby floating on its back. Forget about eating them!

      2. giant marshmallows call for giant s'mores -- but on home-made oatmeal cookies. one would be like a giant little debbie oatmeal creme pie plus good chocolate! zap in the micro.

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          Holy, moly, alka, I've got a sugar high just reading this suggestion. Man, I may have to scout the grocery aisle for some el gigante marshmallows to try this!

          1. re: nofunlatte

            nofunlatte, i grew up lovin' those little debbies.

          1. Decorate them as you would cupcakes... put them in small paper muffin cups and use pink icing, jellybeans, dragees.