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Searching for Ojen

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I have been traveling through Spain and Portugal for almost one week now, and it has just occurred to me to begin looking for this out of production spirit. As I understand it, Ojen is an aguardente which is very popular in New Orleans (we call it pastis) but nowhere else in the world. The distillery in Malaga ended production in the 1980s, but not before making one final batch by special request of a New Orleans liquor distributor. The last known bottle of that batch was purchased a few months ago.

During my travels I have been randomly stopping in liquor stores and looking for this elusive elixir. There has been no such luck yet. Has anyone seen this liquor for sale or know where some could be available? I will be in Lisbon and Madrid for the next few days and would love to get my hands on a bottle if possible. Does anyone have any ideas? What are the established (i.e., "oldest") liquor stores in these cities?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I've never seen it, except the bottle in Picasso paintings and empty ones in the Rastro... Other anise liquors like Chinchón, Rute, and Cazalla are still to be had, though.