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Aug 24, 2009 11:35 PM

Has anyone been to the new Henreys market in Woodland Hills?

A month ago I went into the new Henreys market in Woodland Hills where the Vons used to be.

I wasn't that impressed. Their produce is low quality and their service deli is limited. Henreys is just like a Vons or Albertsons with some natural foods. I prefer Gelsons or Whole Foods over Henreys.

Will Henreys survive in Woodland Hills with all the competition in a few blocks?

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  1. yes. Good place. Kind of a cross between TJs and Whole Foods.

    Best thing is to go on Weds because they have double ads, previous week ending and new week starting.

    Produce is fairly priced and "touchable" unlike a lot of TJs stuff. Much better priced than the regular market (i.e. two bunches of cilantro for $1 vs one for $1.50). Quality not as good as WFs, but close enough.

    Meats and fish are above average. You got to check what's fresh. I've had some Alaskan Halibut for $7.99 (wild and fresh) that was outstanding. But I've seen some cuts of salmon and snapper that did not look too appetizing. They've got grass fed beef too, reasonable priced, and some decent Angus steaks in the butcher window. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts regularly go on sale for $1.89 a pound which is pretty dang cheap. But I've seen varying degrees of quality (i.e. lots of fat and connective attached vs. pretty cleaned up).

    Lastly, they don't have a big selection, but have several Boars Heads meats much cheaper than market and delis around town.

    It's one of the markets in my rotation. I probably do about 35-40% of my shopping there. Look out for specials because those items are well worth it and make sure they pass the sight test. The rest of the stuff you have to be selective on.

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    1. re: weegeebee

      Do check the quality of meat and fish - when I looked at those sections, not overly impressed. As you say, produce definitely not comparable to Gelsons, Ralphs Fresh Fare or Whole Foods, but somewhat like a regular Rif-Ralphs or Jons.
      Don't plan on buying much in the way of staples, like paper products or soaps, as the selection is VERY small, to basically non-existent in the case of paper goods. They apparently assume you will be buying these items at your neighborhood Costco in huge quantities, and thus they will not even try to compete on bulky items with very low margins.

      1. re: carter

        I have not been to the WH location, but we have a new one out here in Monrovia. I got the already marinated carne asada and it was not very good - the flavor, I mean. Quality of meat was great. It was about $2/pound on sale, so I thought I would try. Grilled it up and it was wayyyy too sweet (they use this jarred marinade that they sell on the meat counter). However, I do like their bulk items and the fact that you can buy spices in any quantity you want. That is definitely a plus for this girl!

        1. re: WildSwede

          Meaning you buy spices in large quantities, or extra small quantities?
          I always want to buy spices in the smallest quantity, as they don't last very long, unless of course you are using a tablespoon or more of one or another every meal.

          1. re: carter

            Small... then I can always have fresh. I have some grocery store spices that I have no idea how long I have had in my cupboard!

    2. Ditto

      The meat does not say where it comes from only says NATURAL. WHAT does that mean??

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      1. re: Loradio

        It means "from nature," i.e., not synthesized or made of hydrocarbons. Oh wait, hydrocarbons can be natural too. Hmmm.

      2. I go to Henry's for Winchester cheese and extra virgin coconut oil.