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Aug 24, 2009 11:12 PM

Does any one know when the Whole Foods in Tarzana is going to open?

On Ventura Blvd near Yolanda there is a building being built with a sign that says Whole Foods coming soon.

It will be interesting on if this new Whole Foods will be able to compete with the Gelsons in Tarzana based on the poor parking that is going to be at this Whole Foods. There is also a Whole Foods 3.5 miles away at Ventura/Canoga in Woodland Hills.

This Whole Foods is going to have underground parking like Gelsons in Pasadena and Ralphs Fresh Fare in Downtown LA.

When you enter the parking lot at this Whole Foods you will take a parking ticket for the gate to release. You will need to keep the parking ticket to get it validated at Whole Foods.

You are going to have to go up an elevator with your cart to get to the parking lot.

People in the valley are not going to like this too much.

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  1. Find a corporate number to call either on the web or by calling another WF. They will have an answer for you.

    1. While the office is currently at lunch break, the corporate regional office is at Sepulveda/Magnolia in sherman oaks.
      818.501.8484 is the number - dial away!

      1. 2010

        It might be refreshing go up in an elevetor!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. This thread is old, but I figured I'd reply, particularly given the assumptions. Obviously some of this turned out not to be the case--there is no gate at the parking, and no need for validation. I suppose that could change, but at the moment, that's the status (and the store's been open for over a month).

            Considering how congested both the store and parking lot are at the Sherman Oaks Sepulveda location, and that it's a ways to the Woodland Hills location if you're not that far west, this Tarzana store seems well located. Added benefit of underground parking: it's covered, which means that my car stays cooler than at the other stores.

            My only source of dissatisfaction is the shopping carts--not that they have to be taken up in an elevator (I'm not sure what the issue is there)--but that for some reason, they selected a cart design with an unusable bottom shelf. It's angled, so there are only a few inches toward the very end of the cart that allow you to place something there. And that space is so narrow that I'm pretty sure items would fall off.

            Other than that, though, I'm very happy with the store, and it seems to be getting good business.