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Aug 24, 2009 09:56 PM

Ideas for an evening picnic?

Hey chowhounders!

First time posting a non-restaurant topic. I am taking her on an evening picnic; she's really excited...only problem is, she's a flight attendant, and her flight that day won't land until 6:30. I had originally planned on taking her to a beach and watching the sunset along with the picnic. But now it seems that may be a stretch. She still wants to do the picnic though, and I don't want to cancel.

So right now, I think we'll still have it on the beach, except on a picnic table with candles, as by the time we get there the sun may have already set, and we might not have any light. Even with candles, I am not sure how bright it will be. What do you think I should bring? Besides chilled wine of course.

She specifically wanted something I am goign to make paneer pakoras...which I've never done before. But I am very open to any suggestions....what should I bring along food wise?

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  1. In much of India and Sri Lanka the traditional style is to eat with the fingers. So lots of tissues and a few baby wipes. Take a little time to learn the etiquette of doing it just in case she knows all about it.

    A birianni with chicken drumsticks.
    Your favourite bread. Naan tends to get a little hard so chapatti and/or puri. Alternatively any pita bread will do.
    Some Chinese prawn crackers make good scoops.
    Butter chicken - still good cold provided it's not slathered with ghee. Remember that animal fats may well be solid depending where in the world you are.
    Lamb kebabs
    Vegetable samosas. Make sure you have a dipping sauce.
    A salad - I would go for a greek one as it survives longer. Keep the dressing separate in a little bottle that can be shaken and then added. Use cherry tomatoes. Don't add salt till the last minute or it sucks moisture out of the cukes.
    Paneer pakora - fine. Careful transporting them though.
    Onion bhaji - maybe not - we have enough fried stuff.
    Simple lentil curry / channa, slightly sweet.
    A tomato based curry, meat or veg depending on what you want.
    Fruit salad - and serve it with the meal. I like fruit WHILE I am eating Indian.

    1. Have a back up light source....candles may be "iffy" on a windy beach.


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        Try some of the new electric candles. They are great outside.

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          Stick tea lights or similar candles in mason jars to make a sort of hurricane lamp protected from the wind. If the jars are too deep - fill partially with sand.

          And most definitely veggie samosas.