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Aug 24, 2009 08:55 PM

Bedford Hills, NY - Food shopping?

Hi all,

I might be moving to Bedford Hills and was wondering where residents go for groceries.

I am just doing research now, so I have no idea what stores are there. I figured this would be the best place to go to find out out.

Of course, it would be great if a Trader Joe's was nearby. Hopefully there's a farmer's market, too.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I live in Golden's Bridge now, but lived in Mt. Kisco. I shop at the A&P in Mt. Kisco for general food shopping. They also have very good meats. Right in Bedford HIlls, on Babbit Road (7, I think) there is a deli that I understand also has prime meats. You can also head to Katonah (5 minutes up 117) to Sgaglio's for meat, or down to Chappagua Village Market for excellent meats and prepared foods as well. For fish you have the best - Mt. Kisco Seafood on Lexington Avenue. There is also Mt. Kisco Smokehouse across the street for excellent hand sliced smoked salmon, etc. Bakeries - L'Anjou in Mt. Kisco for french, Pastry Corner on Main street in Mt. Kisco. For produce there is the Mt. Kisco Farm and there are also various farmer's markets on Saturdays - the closest probably Pleasantville and Cross River. There was one in Mt. Kisco but I don't think they are there any more. Trader Joe's - yes, but they are a bit of a drive. There is one in Danbury/Brookfield Ct and one in Eastchester. Oh, you can also go to the Village Market in Armonk for prime meats. Truthfully, I get some excellent meats at the A&P - they even have Waygu.

    1. I live in BH. I do my basic shopping at the Mt Kisco A&P (don't go near the Katonah one!) and use the Muscoot Farm Sunday Farmer's market for fresh items. The Korean market next to Cosi has wonderful produce year round Also the new place in BH across from the train station, Table Local Market is great!

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        Thanks winecountrygirl and ktzap.
        I knew posting here would get me good info.
        I read about Table Local Market and it looks amazing.

        I'd love to know more about what life is like in BH. Could you email me at ellenronnie (at)

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          I've never been to Muscoot - have to give it a try. The Korean market is Mt. Kisco farms that I was referring to. Wonderful produce.

        2. There is also a great grocery store - Scott's Corners - in nearby Pound Ridge. In Bedford, there is the Bedford Gourmet which has terrific sandwiches to go. Also William Nicholas has gourmet foods to go. For Trader Joe's, I'd make the drive to Darien or Greenwich or Westport. You can piggyback onto that trip a stop at Whole Foods (Westport and Greenwich) or the Darien Cheese Shop. You will be delighted!!!

          There are farmer's markets in New Canaan on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Also checkout Wholesome Wave - fabulous farmers markets in Westport and Fairfield YEAR ROUND!

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            Scott's Corners is a great market. You can also make the drive to Yorktown Heights for Turcos - nice market with great breads and meats.

          2. I live in Mt Kisco. I shop at to many place because of different prices and things I need. The A &P in MK is expensive but go when I need only a few items...I go to the Shoprite in Bedford Hills I always walk out with alot for my money especially compared to A&P. That being local I do drive to Trader Joe's when I need good frozen items. Also Turco's in Yorktown Heights, again a little expensive but that;s just my opinion.

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              I think Turcos meats and seafood are on the pricy side (and I wouldn't buy stuff like toilet paper and cat food there either) but their veggies are very well priced.

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                Turco's meats are excellent. I don't do my primary food shopping there as the other items are fairly limited. I also love their fresh cold cuts - they make their own fresh 'turkey off the bird" and it is a real turkey breast and it is yummy. Their fresh baked breads are also excellent - and hot when you buy them.

              2. A&S in Thornwood and Millwood are also great for meats, fresh Italian bread, mozzarella and some prepared foods

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                  Agreed - their ravioli and vodka sauce are also standbys in our house. I also like La Tulipe in Mt Kisco for french baked goods (especially their croissants and macaroons). I'll also second the Muscoot Farm farmer's market recommendation - absolutely terrific. Connie's Bakery (Mt Kisco again) also has great sweets - favorites are their UFO cookies and their filled cupcakes. Cabbage Hill Farms sometimes sets up a stand in Mt Kisco - I think it was on Thursday late afternoons at the train station, and then Saturdays (?) at St. Marks - but I'm not sure if that is over for the season. A&P, the Danbury Trader Joe's (not THAT far from BH - probably 20 minutes or less), Mt. Kisco Farm and Mrs. Green's (for harder to find natural/organic - the MK location, not the teensy Katonah one) are all standbys for us as well. Welcome!