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Aug 24, 2009 08:32 PM

Yet more "40th birthday in Las Vegas" advice for foodies from Minneapolis

Wow, I had no idea that so many people go to LV for their 40th! I'm going at the end of October with a group of about 8-10 for about 5 days.

We're relatively thrifty people, appreciate great hole-in-the-wall joints and any and all world cuisines. We're adventurous eaters and particularly love Asian restaurants. We won't need to go everywhere together all the time.

One couple will have a car and we have no problem taking cabs and/or walking (though, having been to Vegas, I do understand the walking part is mostly impossible)

So, I'm looking for:

-some quality places to eat that are inexpensive- we'll go to these places the majority of the time

-any of those "off the menu" secret deals, like the ones at Ellis Island and Hard Rock Hotel's coffee shops

-a few recommendations that are "splurges."

-a moderate-to-cheaper place that's a good place to have a birthday dinner- it can be campy, cheesy, etc... - that will be my treat. (yikes)

Thank you! Viva Las Vegas.

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  1. Hey dofmpls ... can't guarantee what I did will suit you ... but you can compare it to the 400 other suggestions you'll get ... toss 'em in a hat ... and pull out the ones you like.

    In alphabetical order:
    Bayside Buffet @ Mandalay Bay $14/head ... it didn't have lots of lobster & pigeon livers or larks tongues ... or anything extremely exotic ... but had a large enough quality assortment to please us. It was a quickie food stop we made when we were short on time & didn't have time to get outside of the several casinos nearest us. So, obviously, if you can find better or cheaper, do it.

    Lotus of Siam ... Lime Drink was tart & refreshing! She had Thai Iced Tea.
    Shrimp Mee Krob which was done w/unusually thin glass noodles ... "California" style ... but we agreed it was very good. I ordered 6/10 in spiciness ... she wisely ordered 3/10 & we shared & split dishes. We moved on to Papaya Salad & Shrimp Larb which were vy good. I won out on spiciness on Larb ... & it was definitely warm! By the time I was done, I looked like I'd walked in from rain storm :-) The Lime drink didn't balance as well w/ the rest of meal & I would have preferred Thai Iced Tea w/rest of meal, but was too full to change over.
    We topped it all off with Mango & Sticky Rice which was the perfect finish for the meal. The service was helpful, efficient & friendly but didn't hover & wasn't annoying. We got out of there for $40.80 +tip. Not bad for dinner, appetizers, several drinks each, and desserts as well. It gets crowded at regular meal times ... somebody else knows about the place.

    Magura @ 1305 Vegas Valley Dr is a Bulgarian place. We were the only folks there who didn't look like Bulgarian hit-men or militia. We started off with Zajorka Beer & Kamenitza Beer ... we repeated later w/Kamenitzas.
    Appetizer: spicy peppers ... some were mild ... some were perky.
    Assorted salad selection w/ 2 different dips, fresh cucumbers & tomatoes & topped w/Kashkeval cheese (marvelous!).
    Grill: mixed kebab (suggested by waitress).
    Pork Kavarma had great sauce.
    Tiramisu (was excellent & monstrous)
    Baklava ... the best I've had. They diluted honey a little & flavored it w/a bit of lemon.

    Yolie's Brazilian Steakhouse
    Paradise Rd @Corporate ... just to E of Sahara @ N end of strip
    It was 2200 & the place was empty. They pushed their bottomless pit of assorted mixed meats at $34/pers ... but we weren't into consuming mass quantities of flesh and settled on more digestible limits.
    We started w/ appetizer of Roasted Peppers in oil & vinegar $7 but good.
    Feijoada ($17) had a deep, rich base & plenty of meat.
    Lamb Shish Kabob $19 ... lamb was perfectly medium & juicy w/ great flavor
    I had Ed Meades Old Vine Zinfandel from Mendocino @ $9/glass - it went marvelously w/meats & feijoada.
    We finished w/Creme Brulee - it was excellent.

    We were eating free all day at conferences ... so we only splurged on 1 meal a day. We preferred to enjoy the quality of the meal (at a reasonable price) rather than go out of our way to hunt down the cheapest possible ... and we got around on foot or w/ the trams, trolleys & buses ... and 1 taxi home. For sit down food, that accounts for our time there. We could have eaten for more $ at the casinos ... but I don't think we would have enjoyed the experience more.

    Make sure you splurge & catch at least one of the Cirque de Soleil shows ... when we were there they had at least 5 different shows running. We caught Zumanity & enjoyed it ... the best I can say is you'll think of Joel Grey in "Cabaret" when you hear the patter of the MC. Not for the kids ... not for the prudes ... more fun if you sit in a front or front aisle seat & don't mind being picked on by the cast. If someone is having an anniversary ... tell 'em when you make your reservations or enter the theatre.

    But I never heard anything bad about any of their other shows.

    Hope some of this helps.

    1. check the threads about chinatown - a place for decent food and fun eats - hot n juicy crawfish - please dress casual. either ichiza or Raku for some really good japanese. China mama has my fav dish - fish filet in chili oil - yummy ! How about lobster at $8.88 / pound ? go to kj kitchen and eat it up ! Several decent dim sum spots - ping pang pong, orchid's.

      1. You won't be sorry if you take a trip out to Lotus of Siam. It's a don't miss every time we are there!

        1. On the basis of other recommendations on this site I went to Hash House A Go Go today and was blown away. Had breakfast (at 11am). Hash House Farm Benedict with Crispy Hand Hammered Pork Tenderloin, tomato, spinach, barbeque cream and topped with scrambled eggs. Underneath there is biscuit with griddled mashed potatoes. All servied on (honest) and 18" wide platter. I maybe finished have of it. That pork tenderloin shows up at lunch and dinner in other variations and was really tasty. Most dinner menu items are under $20. If the portions are at all like breakfast, one order will feed the table. Andy's Sage Fried Chicken for $14.95 is one of their specialties. This place is several miles west of the strip on Sahara but very much worth it for their "twisted farm food."