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Nov 27, 2004 07:38 PM

Indian food in Hollywood

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I remember a good review a few months ago in the LA Times about this place but cannot remember the name. Or would appreciate any suggestions for good Indian food in Hollywood or West Hollywood. We live in the Studio City area but cannot find satisfactory Indian food around here. Thanks!

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  1. Good Indian is hard to find. In LA, try Flavor of India in West Hollywood on Santa Monica (near the Palm), great covered outdoor setting, solid food, and decent wine. India's Oven on Beverly is OK, but the wine selection is terrible, the aloo gobi is not good, nor is the raita, and the purple decor is pretty terrible. Akbar's new outpost at the corner of La Cienega and 3rd in a strip mall across from the Beverly Center is not worth the stop. The Marina Del Rey branch is really good upscale gourmet Indian and the wine list is down right fantastic (and reasonable), but this new branch need some major kinks worked out, the location really hurts it, the decor is not there, but most importantly the kitchen needs some major work, worst of all is the raita with cubes of veggies and potato in it. Tastes more like baby food and does not have the cooling, soothing effect it should, nan is ok, etc. Skip it for now.

    If you are in for a drive the best Indian we have found in LA is in Santa Monica - Gate of India on Arizona and 2nd (around the corner from the Promenade). Great spices, nan, raita, rice, relaxed setting, best variety of dishes and you can vary the heat of each by request. BYOB is the best idea, can get crowded at off times but really the best we have found.

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      >Good Indian is hard to find.<

      If the standard is Indian food in UK, that is true. But there are a few that we will frequent for "good" Indian food - e.g. Ambala Dhaba in Little India.

    2. The only Indian I know of in Hollywood is Paru's, which is very good.

      Near Hollywood, in Los Feliz, is Electric Lotus which is spotty.


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      1. India Sweets & Spices
        3126 Los Feliz Blvd.

        See the link below for the LA Weekly's review.


        1. Hey Mandy! How are you? How is the baby? What did you name the little hound? We miss you! Check out the Yahoo Groups page and look up LA Chowhounds, you should join as we post lots of get togethers, etc. on there.

          Re Indian, I did really like Tantra on Sunset in Silverlake but it's pricy and portions are small. However, atmosphere is great and food is good.

          There is a small spate of Indian restaurants in Canoga Park, I think on Topanga Canyon north of Sherman Way, up the street from India Sweets & Spices. Also, if you are willing to make the trek further up Topanga, try Woodlands which is Southern Indian cuisine, lots of vegetarian options and reasonably priced.

          Hope to see you soon!


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            Hello Lisa! Little Hannah is 4-1/2 months old (she arrived a little early) and a beauty! I would love to join your group as long as you won't mind the addition of baby. The place I was thinking of is Tantra, thanks, we'll try it this weekend. Hope to see you soon!

          2. Try the Curry Palace on Sunset around Gardner, next door to the Coach & Horses. The only place in L.A. I know that does Balti dishes and have always have had great meals there.

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              >The only place in L.A. I know that does Balti dishes<

              Khalis in MOntrose is well known amongst its clientele for Balti dishes.

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                Think that space is now occupied by an Armenian restaurant.

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                  Sad - it was one of our favs.

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                Since this thread was resurrected from 2004, I figured I would add: I've been eating take out/delivery from Curry Palace for over a decade. Really consistent and good prices. I started on the recommendation that "it's the best third rate Indian food in town" which I think is an exaggeration on two counts. Anyway, just thought I would give them a plug. Also, if you're dining in, which I don't, it's more Curry than Palace.