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Aug 24, 2009 07:18 PM

Indian or Sushi Place on UWS for Thursday Night Date

Need an indian or sushi place on the UWS for a second date this Thursday night.

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  1. Perhaps Indus Valley on 100th and Broadway. I've enjoyed my meals there, though they can be a little rich and are slightly pricey. But I haven't tried the Indian places on the Upper West Side that other hounds prefer. You would do well to search "UWS Indian," "Upper West Side Indian," etc., and likewise for sushi. Enjoy your date!

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    1. re: Pan

      Thanks Pan,

      I was considering Indus Valley, but wasn't sure if it is a date friendly place? I'd actually prefer sushi, and was considering Haku or Momoya, but again I'm not sure if these are date appropriate places? Would also consider tapas,

        1. re: msny98

          Is Momoya good for a date? How is the food and atmosphere?

        2. re: Marginwalker

          I think Indus Valley is appropriate for a date. Sorry, I have no input on sushi on the Upper West Side.

      1. Have you been to Neo? It's not my personal favorite sushi place, as I tend to be more of a purist, but if you're into Japanese fusion, I think it would be a good place to go for a date. I went again on Sunday and found the fish really fresh and very good, and my boyfriend really enjoyed his tuna dish.

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        1. re: whitneybee

          Thanks...How is the noise level at Neo?

          1. re: whitneybee

            I've never been to Neo...How is the cost compared to oher sushi places?

              1. re: Marginwalker

                Don't go to Neo... very expensive. Gari is not cheap, but better imo. For indian, try Swagat, I think it's pretty good though no atmosphere to speak of. As an alternative, try Genaro for Italian or Kefi for Greek.

                1. re: SRG

                  I used to really like kefi for dates, but I heard the new location isn't very much of a date place

                  1. re: SRG

                    I'm now open to any type of cusine, I usually go to Spiga, but would prefer some place a little less expensive

                    1. re: SRG

                      I love the food at Kefi, but it can be really loud, not really suitable for a quiet date.

                      1. re: SRG

                        Agreed. I find it very expensive and not necessarily worth it (although I did enjoy what I had last time) but the boyfriend loves it and it was his birthday so we went. I just thought cuisine-wise it might fit the bill for this occasion.

                  2. I'll second (or third?) Momoya. Sushi is more reasonably priced than Neo and I like the atmosphere better. It's an appropriate date place. The back seating area has more secluded tables (in the corners).

                    1. I'd say Momoya is the most appropriate out of the choices for Sushi. Much better atmosphere than other places in the area, reasonably priced, and good fish and prepared dishes.
                      For Indian, Swagat is good, and has a nice interior. Indus Valley is decent food, but I've only had delivery from them. Earthen Oven has very good food, but the atmosphere isn't the best. Pasha (Turkish) would be a good place to go, nice atmosphere, and very good food when I've been there.
                      I wouldn't suggest Kefi unless you can eat downstairs. The upstairs is loud and can be tough to converse in. I like the downstairs for a date, but upstairs might be a bit too much.

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                      1. re: UWSEater

                        The last time I was there, I ate downstairs and it was very loud.

                      2. there is no good indian on the UWS. if u want indian go to tamarind or bhatti in curry hill. citrus has good sushi and so does amber.